My mom would always get us free samples of fudge when we would go to the state fair or to Gardener Village. Behind the glass was a vast array of bricks in every flavor imaginable. Which one?

If the mood really struck her, she would buy a larger amount of one or two flavors. It always looked so tempting. The smell was heady. The choices so alluring. I would carefully weigh my options and finally decide on one enticing flavor to sample. I have decided the samples are just the right amount of fudge for me. I have never been one for rich, decadent treats.

Fudge is an interesting commodity. How can a few ingredients blended together elicit such excitement in people? Ah but it does!

There is another side to fudge. The side I want to focus on. The naughty word replacement side. This conversation happened in my home recently. It was so random and completely out of the blue. I have been laughing ever since.

Parker: I was in the fifth grade before I realized fudge wasn’t a bad word!
Gavin: Well, the movies make you think it’s a bad word! The kid drops the lug nuts and says really slowly, “Oh f-u-u-u-u-dge!” Then he gets his mouth washed out with soap!
Parker: I remember being in first grade and hearing someone say fudge. I thought (he pantomimes wide eyes with hands clapped over his mouth), you said a bad word!
Gavin: Yeah, I thought they were swearing in those books with the kid named Fudge.
Parker: Me too! Every time I saw Fudge I just skipped over that part in my head. I blame you, Gavin! You were the one who told me it was a bad word! I was in the fifth grade before I figured it out!

Who says older kids don’t still say funny things? Although I’m sure if he thought about it, Parker would blame me. Fudge is rarely in our house. Usually it’s on a plate full of other holiday goodies delivered around Christmas time. My kids never asked and I never said, “Hey, that bite size piece of chocolate that tastes a lot like frosting is actually called fudge. By the way, it’s not a bad word. Or a bad treat if you’re in the mood for it.” It’s okay. I’ve already made peace with the future bill from the shrink.