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It has been a lovely Mother’s Day. Well, more like a lovely Mother’s Week. On Thursday I went to lunch with my mother in law and my sister in law. We were invited to lunch by the matriarch of the family – Heath’s grandma.


When our food arrived, I had to be one of those people who snaps a picture before diving in. It all looked so pretty! The ice cream cone dipped in white chocolate and filled with fruit was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I knew Gwen would love it so I took the picture mostly for her! She was sad that she had to go to school instead of join us. The food was delicious, but I admit it got very sweet and rich toward the end. The blueberry scone was yummy and very sweet. The two chocolate squares were very rich. I noticed Dayleen had only taken one bite of each. I sort of regretted eating all of mine!

The retirement community that Grandma lives in puts on parties like this for just about every occasion. Barry had lunch with her for Cinco de Mayo. Dawn is not much of a Mexican food fan. With every party comes pictures. Ours was a three generation picture. Most parties come with entertainment as well. We were serenaded by a lovely singer doing covers of popular jazzy songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

Everyone was given a raffle ticket. In between songs they called out ticket numbers. The prizes were really cute decorations, most of which were homemade by an employee. I was very close on several occasions but never won. Grandma and Dayleen both won on the same round. I was very surprised when Grandma had Dawn give me her prize. Dawn said her mom doesn’t really like dust collectors and she wanted me to have it. I was very excited.


It’s a sparkly green egg in a nest inside a teacup. Dawn asked if I thought the egg would hatch with a glittery bird. It is the perfect decoration hanging on my bannister.

In the meantime Heath helped his dad paint the ceiling. When they were finished they went out for Mexican. The power was out causing long delays. Come to find out, there was a widespread power outage in our neck of the woods. The middle school principal threatened to cancel after school activities if the power didn’t resume. It came back on in the nick of time. We had no idea any of this was happening. We did some quick grocery shopping and stopped by the school to pick up Gavin from track practice before heading home. I think Parker was happy as a clam to have full reign of the TV and permission to send Gwen out to play with her friends when she came home from school!

On Friday Heath and I went to Aztecca for lunch. He said he wasn’t fully satisfied with the Mexican food he had with his dad. Plus, he wanted to celebrate the two very promising phone interviews he had that morning. This was the second time that the waitress brought our drinks without our even asking for them. I don’t know how we establish that reputation in restaurants but it is nice.

On Saturday Heath’s family came over for our monthly dinner party. Dawn and Barry brought a big chocolate Costco cake that said “Wow.” Actually it said Mom but Dawn insisted it said wow and that the green coming out the top was really some weed or greenery and not an upside down flower. Gwen wasn’t sure what to think! We were celebrating more than just Mother’s Day. Kirk and Heath both have May birthdays and Dawn and Barry were married in May.

Heath wanted to do gifts after dinner. We bought his mom Hidden Figures. She said it was a movie she wanted to see. The Easter Bunny brought it to us and we loved it. Dawn was this close to becoming the first female architect to graduate from BYU. She gave birth to Kirk instead. Barry served his mission during the Martin Luther King, Jr. riots. They both had a strong connection with the story so we had to get it.

Heath also wanted me to open my gifts. The kids had decorated the butcher paper he wrapped my gift in. I made him take pictures but even then I don’t want to get rid of the paper. They had so much fun decorating it. There were even a few Diet Coke bottles drawn for me!

Inside was a beautiful statue of Christ holding a lamb in His arms. Months ago I mentioned that it would be nice to have a statue. Around the same time Heath kept seeing that statue on the cover of a Deseret Book magazine and he knew he had to get it for me. We both find great peace in it. I like to believe the lamb is black and that it’s really me in His arms. I often think of myself as a black sheep. Maybe because I don’t feel like I fit in. I rearranged books on the bookshelf so the statue can fit. It is perfect. I love it.

Gwen made me a paper bag book in school that, I have to say, came out better than the ones I mass produced for Primary last year. It is darling. She mentioned twice that I like Diet Coke. On one page she was upset that the picture was of a mother holding a baby. “You don’t take care of babies!” On that page she said I drink Diet Coke and I clean. Her adamant statement cracks me up. It’s a wonder any of my kids survived to the age they are since I “don’t take care of babies!” Gwen wanted to change the baby into a Diet Coke bottle. I’m really glad she didn’t. Can you imagine? I’m cradling a Diet Coke bottle the size of a baby?

Church was nice although I am tired of being the show on holidays. This has been the case for the last three or four years. There was the one year we went to LEGOLAND and Disneyland over Mother’s Day. That was nice to get a break. I spent all of Sunday School in the kitchen with the Relief Society president and our husbands putting together the biggest snack spread ever. Fruit cups, cookies, brownie bites, and water bottles. I have decided that somehow I was not born with the gene common to women that insists on feeding people!

I was pleasantly surprised that the Primary kids only sang. There were no gifts. Personally, I love that. The men are sweet enough to take over Primary and Young Women’s so all the women can be in Relief Society just one Sunday a year. That should be gift enough, in my opinion. Primary either needs to plan ahead for Mother’s Day gifts or not give them at all. I resented having to leave Relief Society early to finish running Primary and pass out the gifts for the kids to give their mothers.

Parker said he wanted to give me the gift of not fighting but it was hard when Gwen refused to budge on the bench! It was a lot of family togetherness in Sacrament Meeting! The rest of the day I have napped. It’s been wonderful.

I heart my kids and my husband. I love being a wife and mother. To me, I’m just doing what comes naturally. It is humbling to be so honored for what I do every day. One of the speakers today said that motherly traits are the same as traits that Christ Himself exhibited. That is humbling.