About a month ago we were enjoying another General Conference weekend. Being the data nerd he is, Heath decided to do some analysis on #ldsconf tweets. He used his personal computer to run Alteryx and Tableau. I didn’t think much of it. He had fun running the numbers that weekend. I don’t think he did much more with it. It was just for fun.

Since he was using his personal computer he received an emailed invitation to an Alteryx luncheon in Seattle. With everything else on his plate, he promptly forgot about it. His company was never going to send him anyway.

Friday happened. Many people reached out to him about the situation, including an Alteryx vendor he had a good relationship with. A phone meeting between the two of them was set up for Monday (yesterday). The luncheon was brought up and the vendor said it would be good if Heath could make it. He mentioned that to me and I strongly suggested he go. It would be a great networking opportunity. And if it ended up being a complete waste of time, at least it was a free lunch in the city!

Heath dressed in business casual and headed off to the luncheon with printed copies of his resume. He ended up sitting next to one of the founders for an Alteryx partner and important people from other companies. Conversation was good enough that Heath was asked to share his insights during the Q&A period. I guess you never know!

We’re not holding our breath for anything to come of this. He gave his information to people and sent off some emails. It’s out of our hands now. But what if the timing of everything was such that this window was opened when another door shut?