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Star Wars Day has come again. Gwen asked me if I could do her hair like Rey. I had to look up the post from last year so I could remember how to do it.


It doesn’t look too bad. Gwen was super excited of course. Rey hair with a Little Mermaid t-shirt. Sounds about right! Gavin didn’t realize it was Star Wars Day. He was wearing a storm trooper shirt. It shows about a dozen different storm troopers with a different emotion under each one. It’s funny because you can’t see the emotions under the helmet.

Gavin stopped wearing that shirt for about a year. Parker was more than happy to take it over. Out of nowhere Gavin started wearing it again. He pulled it on this morning and then laughed when he realized how perfectly it went with the unofficial holiday. Parker was a little bummed that he had already worn his How to Draw Darth Vader t-shirt this week. Oh well. What can you do? My kids are so funny with how they geek out over May 4th.

Today has been the most beautiful day of the year. The sun is shining and temperatures are in the mid 70’s. The kids were super excited to wear shorts to school again. Yesterday was a nice day for the meet. Temperatures topped out in the upper 60’s. It felt plenty warm though and it was simply amazing. Heath is right, nothing beats a sunny day in Seattle. They are the most gorgeous days ever.

Heath and I stepped outside onto our front porch to say goodbye to the boys this morning. We went out again to say goodbye to Gwen. It was warm and a little muggy with the increased humidity. I told Heath that it felt like Girls Camp after a rainstorm. He just laughed. Apparently living in nature is still new to me.

When we were ready to go back inside we noticed a bunch of beauty bark had been scattered in the back corner of the porch. It looked messy and we could not understand why our kids would even do something like that. Then we looked up.

On top of one of the porch posts was a bird’s nest. The birds had made the mess. Probably as recently as yesterday. We were kind of annoyed. Birds constantly built nests in the rafters over the front door in our California house. No more! We were going to put a stop to this. Given how fresh the nest was, we were pretty sure there were no eggs in the nest.

Heath got a broom and knocked the nest down. We definitely need a leaf blower because it’s too hard to sweep on the exposed aggregate. The porch rails get in the way too making it impossible to effectively clean up the mess.

The birds are cute little tiny things. They were not pleased with our destruction. Luckily there were no eggs. Still, they yelled and swore at us in angry chittery chirps while they flew back and forth. Sorry guys. Find a new home! There are plenty of trees to build a nest in. Just don’t do it at our house. More angry chittering.

I don’t know what those birds were thinking anyway. The bug terminators already sprayed earlier this week. Maybe the dead bug carcasses littering the perimeter of our house looked like easy meals for the bird family. Call me mean but I don’t want to share my home with bugs or birds. So get lost creatures!

May the 4th be with you. May your hair pay homage to Star Wars princesses. And may you use the force to evict birds who are attempting to get free room and board on your porch.