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Nothing beats a sunny day in Seattle. Colors are so vibrant. Sunshine on the skin feels warm like a hug. Wally Weatherman had predicted two days in a row of sunshine with warmer temperatures. We wasted no time in pulling out the shorts. Yay for track meets in the sun!

The day started out gray. As dark as the angry sky was we never saw any rain. Temperatures were in the upper 50’s. Where was the forecasted sun? It finally graced us with its presence shortly before I had to pick up kids for the track meet. Temperatures quickly climbed 10 more degrees. Blue skies seemed to smile. It was going to be an amazing meet.


Gavin was totally in his element. He beat his mile time again in 5:37. He was thrilled.

In between races he joined several other teammates in taking shoes off to wander stocking footed in the turf. It was the perfect day for a meet. We happily sat along the fence in our camping chairs, sipping soda and eating Lindor chocolates before they melted. The sun beat down on us and I could not have felt more content.


The 800 was no exception.


We were screaming for him to sprint and leave his guts on the track. He beat his time again. He finished in 2:37.

Grandma rewarded him with Skittles. When Garrett was running for school, she asked if he would run faster for a cute girl, chocolate, or if a dog was chasing him. He said chocolate. When asked the same question, Gavin said the cute girl! We tried to find a cute girl last week but she was so embarrassed she almost couldn’t speak. Eventually she told us she had to leave but she wished Gavin good luck. Skittles are his favorite kind of candy so Grandma just gets those. It works just as well as random cute but self-conscious high school girls.

We had dinner at the Olive Garden where Gavin downed two large glasses of raspberry lemonade and several glasses of water. He was so grateful every time the waiter refilled the water that I think it made the waiter’s day!

The sun came out to play again today. Highs were in the mid 70’s. We were very grateful for our heat pump and its ability to cool the air. Some of our neighbors are still waiting for their new air conditioners to be turned on.

Wally Weatherman predicted thunderstorms for the late afternoon. I was sitting outside enjoying the sun and a Diet Coke when the clouds eventually rolled in. There was a noticeable difference in temperature. It was still warm and really nice to be sitting out there but the warm hug of the sun was definitely gone. Thunder has been rumbling ever since. I love the variety of weather here!