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Wednesday finally came. The dreaded long awaited track meet. Wally Weatherman had predicted rain off and on for Monday. It was sunny and partly cloudy all day. Tuesday was lovely as well. The weather people stuck to their story of rain for Wednesday. All of them. I tried a couple different news channels just in case.

The sun peeked out a few times giving me a false sense of hope. About an hour before I needed to leave, the sky turned black and angry. Then the rain pounded down. By the time I left, the sky had finished its immature outburst. Maybe we would be lucky after all.

I picked up Parker. No rain. We picked up Gwen. The sky started spitting. Sprinkles pelted more intensely as we were stuck in traffic waiting a good ten minutes between lights. I didn’t care. The longer we could sit in the warm car the better. When we finally got close enough to the intersection that I could move into the left lane, both Parker and Gwen confirmed the police lights were next to an obvious car accident.

A minivan turned left behind us and tailgated me all the way till I found the parking lot next to the track. (I was 5 over the speed limit) Then she sped away. *eye roll* It was a day for impatient drivers for sure. As Parker and I were crossing the parking lot to pick up Gwen, I put my arm out in front of Parker as if I were a human stop bar. There was a minivan racing down the pick up lane. There was no indication that she saw us, much less that she had any inclination to stop. She stopped on a dime and huffily followed us into the office to bark out orders to retrieve her kids for a dentist appointment. I believe she was the van who cut me off on our way to the high school. *eye roll* Don’t you love when other people’s procrastination turns into everyone else’s emergency?

As the rain steadily fell, Gwen and Parker enjoyed the snack I brought them. Eventually we forced ourselves out into the elements. I had forgotten to bring our outdoor blankets to sit on. But I did remember Gwen’s splash coat. It’s a rain coat that is fit for whaling at Niagara Falls. She chose to stay in her current weather resistant coat. We sat on her whaling jacket.

Fans seemed to be quite sparse until moments before the beginning of the meet. Bless our school’s heart. We were hosting the meet and it looked as if the meet might start a few minutes early. The middle school gym teacher was on a bull horn shouting for 7th and 8th grade girls to line up for the mile. Okay! Let’s get this party started! Let’s not even split up the grades. Just line em up and shoot the gun. Mama’s cold and wet!

Grandma can say all she wants that it was just a spring rain. I know differently. She thought temperatures were in the 50’s. Uh uh! Try 40’s. You know it’s cold when Gavin voluntarily wears pants. He has been running for two years now. Not once have his monkey legs been covered in fabric for a meet. The uniforms his last school wore were really short shorts and tank tops. Here everyone wears their gym shorts (basketball length) and they put the tank top over the top of their gym t-shirts. Because baby, it’s usually cold outside. Yesterday he warmed up with his team in his sweatshirt and long johns.

Gwen was freaking out when she saw Gavin in pants. The pants were surprising enough but she insisted he was wearing leggings. I was struggling to figure out what he was wearing because the track pants we got him are black. His upside down ice-cream cone pants were blue. He admitted later that they were his long johns that he wore to the winter campout with the scouts. I suggested he find the track pants for the next meet because I was pretty sure they have zippers or snaps on the side allowing him to step out without having to take his shoes off first. He almost didn’t line up for the mile in time because he couldn’t get his shoe back on!

With one shoe not on completely, he took off running. I hit the play button on my stopwatch app. Around and around the boys ran. Four times around the track. We yelled our encouragement. Parker let me hold the umbrella since my phone was getting wet. I know from sad experience that water and phones should never mix. I think I hit the stop button when he crossed the finish line. It was close enough anyway.

I clocked him at 5:42. Later Gavin told me that was the time he was given as well. Hey, not bad! He was excited because he had shaved off time from his mile last week. I knew he would PR.

We shivered in the rain that was now falling so fast and furious it was nearly hail. Gwen and Parker tried to make the most of things by miming races and events. They were arguing which I found annoying until I listened to what they were arguing about. They had strong opinions on what pretending to hurdle should look like. I almost laughed out loud. I figured they could argue all they wanted. It was miserable in the rain and they were having fun running around behind the bleachers.

The hundred 100 meter dashes were finally complete. I was starting to wonder if they would ever end when nearly five minutes passed between each race. Finally they were calling kids over for the 800. Gavin lined up, the gun went off, and I could not get my phone to respond. I tapped the screen repeatedly trying to start the clock. No dice. I gave up knowing that by then the time was too inaccurate. The boys were almost rounding the third corner. Gavin says he was given a time of 2:47. A couple extra seconds over last time. Oh well.

I told him I was so proud of him. Conditions were absolutely miserable and he did his best. I really felt for all the kids running the 800 because by then the sky was hurtling jagged raindrops. The kids were trying to outrun the drops, you could tell, but there is no outrunning sheets of driving rain. The fact that any of them made it around that track at all, not to mention twice, is commendable.

Lest ye think I whine too much, the coach sent out the results from the meet today. His message began, “Thanks to everyone who helped out at the meet last night. It was pretty miserable conditions. Attached are the results. There may be a few errors but I think we got most of the information consolidated correctly. We had to score the meet this morning to give all the score sheets time to dry out overnight.”

When we got home everyone stripped out of their wet clothes. I did a couple loads of laundry followed by drying shoes on the rack in the dryer. But hey, we were the hostess with the mostest.

The most rain, cold, and misery.
The most guts out of all the athletes.
The fastest meet with only two teams to run.

Things could have been worse. It didn’t feel like it at the time, but they could have been worse. It could have been raining in the 30’s.