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Sometimes in the middle of a rainstorm the sun breaks through. The rain continues to pelt the ground while the sun reflects off of the wetness. When that happens, turn around.


That’s when you will see the rainbow.

Rainbows are God’s way of reminding us He is still there. The Biblical promise is that a rainbow signifies there will never be another worldwide flood. Sometimes rainbows are more personal than that.

The bright sun twinkling through the raindrops brought a peace to me. The storm will still rage on as long is it needs to. But God has not forgotten His children. The smiling sun was a sign that things could be worse. At least the sun was still shining. Outside was bathed in an ethereal glow. Everything would be okay.

An answer to a completely unrelated matter came out of nowhere the next day. I went to the drug store to pick up a prescription they claimed they had for me. The last time I did this I was told that the insurance refuses to pay for my test strips. They will only pay for the strips that go with the old and outdated meter I used to use. After refusing to pay hundreds of dollars of my own money for a one month supply, I asked my doctor to fight for me.

It worked. Yesterday the pharmacist pulled the plastic bag in my name. Inside were three boxes of test strips with the name of the meter I have been told to use. The pharmacist hesitated and I braced myself for bad news. She read off the paperwork inside the bag that she was supposed to ask me if these were the correct strips. I confirmed that they were. She said the insurance cleared them for me.

I started to pull out my pharmacy insurance card and medical credit card to pay. She told me there was no copay. What? What! Getting approval for the strips was blessing enough. But no copay?

A goofy smile spread across my face that I could not wipe off. Heath said two words as we walked away from the counter. “Tender mercy.” The images I had captured of the sun breaking through the rain and the vivid rainbow immediately came to mind. Tender mercy indeed.

The storm is still pounding with other trials. Sunbreaks help give us the strength to carry on. And rainbows, especially that vivid, are a Post-it note from heaven that He is aware and is still there fighting for us.