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Warning: There are no pictures in this very long post. Just the memories in our heads.

Easter was completely different this year than anything we had ever done before. Our stake conference landed on Easter Sunday this year. Right away I wondered how in the world we would do Easter. There wouldn’t be time to do an egg hunt. I’m kind of over those anyway. Well, the idea of another mythical creature that has nothing to do with the true meaning of the holiday, leaving gifts for my children.

My kids are getting older and I wonder how long these traditions will last anyway. Okay, truth be told, I can’t wait for Gwen to catch up already and figure it all out so we don’t have to do any of this silliness anymore. Although I have to laugh about something Parker said. I forgot that a couple years ago his friend found my blog and reads it (not sure how often). This got Parker excited to read my blog. Again, not sure how often. He said he read a post where I talked about Easter presents. So Parker went to his dad and said, “It’s you isn’t it?” Funny, I thought he already knew that.

Hiding eggs full of candy that my kids eat until they puke is one thing. The really hard part of executing our Easter traditions is the fact that my kids have outgrown my favorite tradition. Since they were babies they have always gotten new gospel themed books for Easter. Only they are getting too old for the books. None of them read through Sacrament Meeting anymore. Gwen would find time to read a book at home but the boys could not care less. The last thing they need is a book they will never touch.

I couldn’t find gospel themed anything that the boys would enjoy. Last year we gave Gavin a football tie tack from the BYU-Hawaii bookstore. He wore it once. We gave Parker a tie that he also wore once. Gwen still likes her book! So now what?

The boys got new white shirts because they grew out of their old ones. And they weren’t very white anymore! Gwen got a little sweater shrug. All three knew about these clothes beforehand.

A neighbor had posted on our neighborhood Facebook page that she wanted to have a community egg hunt. Several people eagerly offered to buy and fill plastic eggs. At least we were off the hook with the egg hunt. Our “Easter Bunny” was too lazy to write a note to the kids. It’s like he waited till the last minute on everything. We passed on the message that the small baggies of candy in the baskets were in lieu of a family egg hunt. The kids could join the neighborhood kids later.

This is where I may be the worst mother ever. I told the kids that they were a little old to greedily grab as many candy filled eggs as possible when there are so many little kids in the neighborhood. I suggested they help small children gather eggs. My kids were allowed to keep a couple of eggs but I really wanted them to be helpful to the little kids before taking candy for themselves. The boys wanted to just stay home.

It’s true that our kids are among the oldest in the neighborhood. I don’t think the middle school girls “hunted” for eggs. They had helped “hide” the eggs. I use quotes because it’s not like there are many places to hide hundreds of eggs in the neighborhood playground. When we drove home from church we saw that the grass was heavily peppered with colored eggs. Several older boys grabbed eggs along with all the little kids.

Gwen seemed to have fun despite the restrictions I put on her. She kept two eggs. One had a dollar bill in it along with some candy. I was glad she found a money egg. I really hated myself when I realized some eggs had money inside. There were other games and activities after the egg hunt. Gwen had a blast with her friends. We even gave her special permission to stay at the party with her friends as long as she helped clean up at the end. Sundays are not play outside with friends days. I think Gwen enjoyed the social aspect more than the candy.

We had family over for a pasta bar on Saturday. Grandma loves egg hunts and hid eggs for the grandkids. I love that none of us knew she was doing it until Kirk found an egg with a piece of candy inside. He asked if it was ours. When Heath and I said no, he immediately realized where it came from. He had to apologize to his mom!

I don’t know how many egg hunts there were or how much candy there was. By the time I went out front, there didn’t seem to be any candy. The kids just loved hiding and seeking eggs. The kids separated into girls vs. boys. Grandma gave prizes to the kid who found the most eggs and also to the kid who found the golden egg. I have to admit, I must have been raised under a rock because I have never heard of golden eggs until this Easter. There was one at the neighborhood egg hunt too.

Even though I am the Wicked Witch of the West, especially when it comes to holidays, I think my kids enjoyed Easter. Gwen cracks me up though. We were watching Hidden Figures, a movie the Easter Bunny left, and Gwen was eating all her candy. She offered me a Dove egg.

Gwen: I didn’t really like this chocolate. It was too rich. But I ate it all. This is my last one. Do you want it?
Me: You should have said you didn’t like the chocolate! I love it! Dad and I could have helped you out.
Gwen: Oh.

Points to my martyr for eating chocolate she didn’t care for. Apparently she is under the impression she is a member of the Eat All Your Candy Club. We wouldn’t want any of that to go to waste. Or last until the next day. Kids are awesome.

It was definitely a different Easter. It turned out well and we had fun. I do love living in the best neighborhood ever! It’s the best.

Our stake boundaries were changed which caused a lot of change in auxiliary presidencies. The talks were great but I feel like they took a backseat to all the changes. Those boundary changes affected several areas, including Heath’s family. His parents are now in a different stake than Kirk and Dayleen. So weird since they live within a couple miles of each other in the same city. It’s like we’re in Utah or something! Five stakes to one mile. I’m kidding of course.

The Seattle Temple used to service all of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and part of Idaho. I remember hearing that before. I learned yesterday that there are now eight temples between all those states. Three are in Washington state alone. The work is definitely marching on.