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Last week we went to the Tulip Festival.


Normally it looks something like this. On the news they said that this weekend the tulips are at their peak. Almost as an afterthought, or the quickly worded fine print of a commercial, they said it will be crowded.


We saw a lot of brave little tulips, proudly showing their colors among all their still sleepy friends.


And we walked in fields of gold … daffodils.


Heath used to take dates to the Tulip Festival. He would buy disposable cameras so they could click away as they tiptoed through the tulips. Later they would have prints made at a one hour place. They would compare photos over dinner. So romantic, right?

Spring-Break-205.jpgIt would have been romantic but we went as a family. The kids were … bored I guess.


They were properly impressed by the flowers that were out. For the most part they had a if-you’ve-seen-one-you’ve-seen-them-all kind of attitude.


I wouldn’t say the magic was lost on them. It wasn’t as impressive to them. The people there didn’t help. People would ignore the signs saying to stay on the paths. They would walk right into the flower beds and rows of flowers to get the perfect shot.

People also liked to follow us. We would go somewhere full of flowers but not people. Heath would kneel in the mud lining up his shot. Soon we noticed people coming in droves hoping for the same shot with their i-Pads or cell phones! It’s the price of wearing an impressive camera around your neck. That and we’re natural trendsetters.

Heath bought two bouquets of tulips. One for his mom and one for me and Gwen to share. The flowers were beautiful and lasted a full week. I was impressed since they had spent a few hours in the car with no water while we had lunch and hit the outlet mall before heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We still had to drive home from there with our flowers.

It was a lovely day. Maybe not quite as romantic as the dates Heath went on. Porta potties with no TP certainly don’t say romance either. I enjoyed the Tulip Festival. Next year we can try again without kids.