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Besides adopting Elliot, we found other treasures on our day in Seattle. Gavin found a book that he wanted. He promised to pay his dad back if he could just get Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea. Parker read the book out loud when we were at Red Robin on the waterfront.

He had us all transfixed and his deadpan delivery had us in stitches. The style is similar to Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books. About a month or so ago we were wandering through a bookstore. The kids and I found our way to the children’s section. I pulled out an Elephant and Piggie book and started reading out loud to the one kid standing nearby. Soon the other two joined. The four of us stood there in a tight clump laughing hysterically.

Joyful memories of Elephant and Piggie books filled our minds as Parker perfectly read a Narwhal and Jelly book. Gavin read the book to us again as we drove to the Ballard Locks. Gwen read the book to us on the way home. We heard the book several times that day. I love that Gavin bought it. It is such a Gavin book!

Also at the Seattle Aquarium gift shop we found a book that Heath bought because he was mad. That sounds funny but it’s true. He and his mom have been talking about writing a children’s book for years. Ever since Heath was a young boy. Parker noticed the book first. It looked like someone had stolen their perfect idea. It’s a little different so they probably still can write the book.

We went into several little novelty shops along the waterfront. Parker found Goodnight Pirate Ship. I love that boy! He likes to collect things and therefore loves to help other people collect things. I don’t quite know how it started but we somehow started collecting Good Night books. We have some that Heath bought on business trips. We have others from family vacations. Parker insisted I add the pirate book, from the pirate novelty shop, to our collection. I’m a sucker for children’s books and couldn’t say no.

Maybe it was all the books we bought on that sunny day in Seattle. Maybe it was the nagging realization, always in the back of my mind, that I may never get to read to my kids anymore. After our two days of having Heath all to ourselves, the kids were bored. It was rainy and friends were all busy for Spring Break. I missed the days when I would read to my kids. I pulled Where the Red Fern Grows off the shelf.

Gavin read the book a few years ago for school. He loves hearing the story again. Gwen and Parker weren’t so sure at first but I think even they have enjoyed the story. It helps when they have something to do while I read. That was always how we did it before. The kids would draw and color while I read in the summer afternoons. Now I read for about half an hour in the evenings when we all realize there is nothing worth watching on TV. Heath has been really enjoying the story as well.

I think I will have to build in some reading time this summer. I love that the kids can walk out the front door and find friends immediately. I can’t wait for them to be able to go out until they are hungry and then go back out until the street lights come on. But I think I will have to insist on some reading time. Maybe in the morning when we’re all still pajama clad and lazy. We love reading too much.

Recently Heath bought a set of hardbound missionary style books of Mormon. His reasoning was that it’s kind of annoying when we say it’s time to read scriptures and the kids scatter for long periods of time. They are easily distracted. By shiny objects, I think. It takes so long just to assemble everyone that the feeling to read is all but gone by the time we’re ready! Now we keep the five copies in the faux window cutout by the dining room table. We read after dinner every night.

Gwen said something cute this morning. I was watching the news and
Wally Weathergirl was saying that today was a lovely day with sunshine all day. She said it would be nice and dry this evening, perfect for taking a walk after dinner.

Gwen: Or you could read the scriptures!

She sounded like doing that trumped any walk on a dry evening. It’s only taken about four years, but we just might finish reading the Book of Mormon as a family!