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It was an ordinary Friday night. A commercial enticed us to go out for ice cream. Four of us sat in the van eagerly waiting while Heath changed out the windshield wipers. Gwen gawked at him as she crowded me from the backseat. Soon she was outside to be as close to the boring action as humanly possible.

Heath took advantage of her presence. He asked her to throw something in the plastic garbage sack just behind her. She heard the word garbage and walked past the garage threshold onto the driveway.

Heath: No, the garbage bag! Right there!
Gwen: Where?
Heath: The garbage bag is hanging right there. No … Look down …¬†Careful, it will bite you!

Her entire body jerked as she stepped back looking absolutely horrified. Then she leaned toward the plastic bag as if she was inspecting the ground for a rabid killer spider that just ate a snake.

Gwen: Where?
Heath: Right there!

He walked over and touched the bag hanging right in front of her. We all laughed of course. Gwen not so much. She somehow was still expecting a death wielding creature to jump out and snatch her.


The humor of the situation is still quite entertaining. Parker drew this cartoon movie poster today. Gwen is learning to laugh at herself. The picture is pretty funny and life is too short to take oneself so seriously.