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There often comes a time in life when a family feels they are not complete. Someone is missing. The feeling can be assuaged in different ways. When our family felt the siren call we knew we had to adopt.

Adoption is an adventure.


Often in foreign lands with foreign customs. We were up for anything.


The more foreign and strange the better. If the topography resembled the set of a Dr. Seuss story, we were in. Bring on the Wild Things.


So we set sail for where the wild things are. The pull to adopt tugged us in the direction of the beautifully obscure. A place where most creatures lazily floated through the day and others zoomed around in circles. A man on a mission to nowhere. Gavin tried to follow him. My runner could barely keep up!







We thought we were on the outside looking in.


It was soon apparent that we were the ones on display.


We were the odd visitors. Everyone seemed to question, “Who were these strange creatures that had come into our world?”


Gwen won over the hearts of the natives. Her mermaid shirt may have had something to do with that. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


Soon they made us kings of where the wild things are.


Now let the wild rumpus start!


Eventually the party had to end. We still hadn’t found the new addition to our family that we had come for. Gavin reminded a creature of our quest.


The creatures begged, “Oh please don’t go! We’ll sting you lots we love you so!”


But the kids said, “No.” We got back in our boat and sailed off to the gift shop. Where we found Elliot the harbor seal.


He was very happy to meet his new family, particularly the aqua pets. For now our family is complete.


Bottom left to right: Tilly the cow, Sloppy Joe the pig, Cosmo Cougar, Cheer the BYU cheerleading bear, Moe the baby cougar, Seaweed the sea horse, Monty the sea turtle, Frisbee the baby turtle, Marty the octopus, Qualmie the river otter, Becky the sea otter with Baby Einstein, Elliot the harbor seal, Minnie the fox, the Love Expert (we haven’t settled on a name yet), Walty the bear, Olaf the snowman

Top left to right: Betty the penguin, Bill the flight tiger, and Olaf the snowman

Not pictured: Steven the seagull

With this many pets, I hope our family is complete. I have a feeling it isn’t. This is our favorite family fun tradition.