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This morning’s workout kicked my butt hard enough I soaked my sore muscles in a bath. With a Diet Coke of course! I almost never take baths. The humiliation of not being able to keep up with a cartoon trainer is best soothed in a tub … watching Hoarding: Buried Alive .. and sipping Diet Coke. Forget about service! If you feel bad about yourself you should immerse yourself in stories more pathetic than your own. It’s a reminder that some people don’t endure cartoon trainer tyranny. They can’t find their TV.

My calf muscles are screaming almost as badly as they were after I climbed a mountain. Not Everest, or any other significant mountain. Just Timpanogas. A mountain that some people climb multiple times a day as their own workout. And I am dying in a puddle of sweat in front of my TV because my Wii trainer made me run in place. I know. Pathetic.

More pathetic still is the fact that I didn’t do much today. Lying around was almost too much effort. I did make dinner. Yay me! It’s the little victories that mean the most. I also started reading Wonder on Parker’s recommendation. As I hugged the kids before sending them off to bed I had this conversation.

Gavin: I love you the most!
Me: I kind of like you too!
then to Parker: You, not so much. What is up with you always asking me to read books that make me cry?

His face can only be described as stunned surprise. So I hugged him and told him that I really do love him. But his book is tearing my heart out.

Gwen worked on the things I asked her to while tears stung my eyes as I read. She finished in record time because I actually had a fun idea for our weekly girl’s night. I helped her paint her nails. She painted her left hand on her own. I took care of her right hand and her feet. Her blue toes make her look like a hypothermia victim but whatever. As she sat uncomfortably at the kitchen table, with her feet drying on a chair and her hands drying on the table, she requested we watch Last Man Standing. I made it through the first episode just fine. Then my aching body thought I was really in bed trying to go to sleep so I snored through the second. Soon the boys made it home from Scouts.

Heath had more work to do. I thought I could pound out a quick post and go back to Wonder. He’s finished so I think I will fall asleep in front of the TV again. Tomorrow is another day!