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McTeacher’s Night turned into an impromptu date night. For a couple weeks we had planned on going through McDonald’s drive thru so we could support the school. Going through the drive thru was a brilliant idea. As we drove away we could see into the restaurant. It looked like ants on a lollipop inside.

Gavin still hates McDonald’s and refuses to eat there. Unfortunately our only choices for fast food nearby is Taco Bell or McDonald’s. We try to warn him ahead of time so he can make his own dinner rather than eat the poison that is McDonald’s! We took orders from Gwen and Parker and told the kids we would not be eating with them.

At some point in the day Heath said we should pick up food for the kids and go out on our own. It would be a makeup call on our anniversary. Then we could go to the mall and buy Gwen’s birthday gifts. As we drove to McDonald’s we decided to skip having Gwen go to her Activity Days meeting. It’s an hour and 15 minutes long. Not really enough time to drop her off, eat, and pick her up again. When we went out for my birthday we had a friend bring her home so we could have enough time to eat. With the mall we needed nowhere near the church, she was going to have to stay home.

Her leaders were scrambling to salvage the activity as it was. One leader was going to teach a fitness class and talk about nutrition but she got the flu on Valentine’s Day. The other two leaders were hoping to show a church approved movie. Gwen was all excited. “Like Finding Dory?” I told her no, that movie is not church approved. It would be more like The Living Scriptures cartoons we gave away when we moved. She was not impressed. Heath said those movies probably wouldn’t even work. They would have to see what they could find in the meetinghouse library and who knows if videos and DVD’s are even stored there anymore!

All three kids were on their own to eat dinner. We left for a casual, but welcome, date. Café Rio was our dinner of choice. I don’t know why people around here don’t like Café Rio. I love it. More than anything else, I love the memories of Café Rio. A college roommate turned me onto the restaurant when it was only in St. George. When I met Heath we would go there on our way to Lake Mead to camp with my family. Café Rio is our family tradition. Living near a Café Rio again is wonderful.

We enjoyed our meal and talked. Then we walked in the sprinkling rain to the American Girl Store. The revolving door was locked. Heath tried the regular door. Locked. We looked at the sign and were confused. The store should close at 8:00 pm and it was only a little past 7:00. Finally we saw the sign stating that Wednesday would have a special 6:00 pm closing time so they could change the displays. Oh good heavens!

We were stunned. I get emails from American Girl almost daily. Not once was I given a heads up on the special one day only store hours. We went to the Lego store but that’s not what we had planned to get her for her birthday. There were certainly things she would enjoy but we had a plan. That plan had been sabotaged by millennials.

I’m sorry but it’s true. Millennials have their own work ethic. It rarely involves much hard work and is selfish in nature. Heath and I kept saying over and over again what it was like for us to work retail. There was no closing early. For any reason. Much less inventory. I was lucky enough to not have to deal with the dreaded inventory days. I think because I was still in high school I was allowed to go home when the store closed and we had finished our hour of returns and cleaning up the store.

Heath had worked retail at a mall. He could not believe the mall would allow a store to close early like that. I get that Wednesday night is not the mall’s heaviest traffic day, but still. We went home to look up what we wanted online. We found some fun stuff that we could have delivered for the unnecessary shipping fee of $16.00. Unnecessary because if the store had been open we could have taken our purchases home on our own.

There was no mention of expected delivery dates. For twice the cost of normal shipping, we could have the items delivered in 3-5 business days. Barely in time for her birthday. There was no way on God’s green earth we were paying that extortion. The plan was to give a piece of our minds as feedback no matter what. Heath pulled up an email form, handed me his laptop, and told me to go nuts. I was very professional.

While we don’t pay Gavin to babysit, I felt it was worth mentioning that we had a babysitter in order to do our shopping. We may leave our kids on their own frequently but it’s not like I was looking forward to finding time later to try this again. It’s just outrageous the store was closed like that for such a lame reason. When did the customer stop being important?

I am shocked at the way I am treated as a customer. I’m never right. Even the girl I talked to at Medtronic about my battery alarms, talked to me like I was an idiot. Like I haven’t been wearing an insulin pump for nearly as long as she has been alive! What happened to standard customer service?

Plan D (or whatever letter we’re on) is for Heath to take Gavin to the store on Saturday after his basketball game near the mall. Heath printed out our online cart. Hopefully he can get those items. I’m still so annoyed. I wonder when I will get a response to my email?