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If a Valentine idea was good enough when Parker was in first grade, it is still a good idea now that Gwen is in third grade. Besides that, this is a new school. No one here has seen that this is a repeat Valentine. It turned out just as well the second time. No need to reinvent the wheel.

We did not decorate a box. Gwen wanted to decorate a gallon sized Ziploc bag. I was not at all okay with that idea and neither was her father! It’s bad enough we threw the Valentines together last minute, and only because we had already bought the suckers. I could not, in good conscience, send her to school with a ghetto Valentine bag. The Lego bag she carried her Valentines to class in will just have to do. I was kind of hoping the class would decorate paper bags. That has been the case since Gavin was in first grade.

Valentine-Box-024 I don’t think we have made a Valentine box since then. It was adorable! Ahh, memories.

I read this on Facebook and had to share.

“It’s beautiful and poignant and wonderful and sad when your kids grow up. But beneath the mixed feelings, you know deep in your heart that you no longer have to help them make Valentine boxes or stand at Wal-Mart studying the picked-over selection of Spiderman and Hello Kitty Valentines. Old kids FOR THE WIN. Pass the chocolate.” ~ Stephanie Black

I so love and miss Stephanie! She is dead on with this. Two more years. I hope. Gwen loves Valentine’s Day and will probably want to continue to give Valentines well into middle and high school. By then I will be off the hook with helping. Parker told me that the middle school was selling stuffed animals to be given away as Valentines. He chose not to buy one for any friends because he didn’t want to spend his money! He did come home with a cute stuffed llama his bus buddy gave him.

Gavin came home with the pride and sore legs of winning first place in running. He ran 14 laps at race pace around the softball field in PE today. No need for commercialized messages of love. He just loves running! Running, will you be my Valentine?