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Ever play that game? You compare two unlikely scenarios and pick which is worse. Or usually yell OH really loudly then laugh. The scenarios aren’t real and therefore it’s an entertaining game. Until it is real …

Dun dun DUHHHHNNN!!!

What’s worse, having someone get on their hands and knees to touch your dirty floors? Or answering the door in your pajamas … hair in a greasy ponytail … no makeup … and no bra.

This actually happened.

Needless to say I will not be working out today. I have men in my house. Men that now have a great story to tell about the surprised homeowner who answered the door in her pajamas. I thought I was mortified when the lady came to check out our requests and my floors needed a good sweeping. That was months ago. I greeted four men braless this morning. Can I die now?

Heath was presenting on a call and I was in the middle of doing dishes. I hated sending Gwen off to school. My only friend left me for the third grade! Poor thing had to swim to the bus stop. The temperature finally came up enough that it rained yesterday, melting most of the snow. Luckily it didn’t freeze over night. That would have been a virtual ice skating rink. Now it’s nearly 50 degrees outside and pouring rain. Inches and inches of rain on top of ponds forming on the sidewalks and roadways.

The washing machine shouldn’t trip the breaker anymore. The handyman guy is cleaning up more paint splatters on the floor and he said he would get into the crawl space to fix the squeaks. He mentioned a couple of tasks he would work on today.

Now that Heath is off the phone I’m going to shower away my shame. Does shame wash away with soap and water?