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Snow days, two hour delays, and snow bus routes. My child is still a hostage of the play she is in. She needs a plain black long sleeved shirt to go under her costume on Friday. I just found out this morning. I could scream. Well … I kind of did. There was more to my stress than just two messed up mornings but that’s not the point. Yelling felt fabulous, I have to say.

The kids enjoyed their day off yesterday. I told Heath that I felt like a bad mom because I just didn’t want them home. He assured me they were fine. I was so busy worrying about my endo appointment that I didn’t really see my kids. He was right. They were fine. They found friends outside and they found things to do at home. Heath and I were gone for two hours for my appointment. We went grocery shopping on our way home. The G’s hardly noticed. When we walked in Parker asked what we did. I guess he wasn’t paying attention when we said I had a doctor’s appointment. He only heard “don’t fight and we don’t know when we’ll be back.”

This morning I was ripped out of a deep sleep as the phone rang. The city on the caller ID was not the same city that normally comes up with calls from the superintendent. That was weird. A pre-recorded voice cheerily told me that all schools in our district were on a two hour delay due to weather. No surprise. It warmed up enough yesterday evening to make a slushy mess of the snow but of course it all froze over night. Which makes for a nightmarish morning commute.

I was lazy and decided not to tell the boys. They didn’t sleep in yesterday! This way if they did wake up on time they would be ready to enjoy their two hours. Otherwise they could sleep in. Either way I was fine with it. They were showered and dressed by 7:00. Gwen was up on her own too. They were all excited to have a long morning to do whatever they wanted. The phone rang later and we found out the buses would be on snow routes today.

I got my workout in and I managed to shower before the boys left. Actually, I rushed my shower skipping leg shaving. I rushed out of the shower and didn’t even put on lotion! I did jump into underwear so I had a place for my pump to clip to. Then I quickly tied a robe around me so I could send the boys out the door. Gavin slipped a little at the end of the driveway and I wondered if I should put clothes on to drive them to their bus stop. I didn’t. Maybe that’s the real reason why he didn’t text me when they got on the bus. More likely it was the strange morning that made him forget. Heath did drive to their stop to check on them. No one was there so he came back home.

My plan all along was to take Gwen to her bus stop. Originally I thought it would be nice to walk with her. I changed my mind when I saw that the listed snow route bus stop was the same as a normal bus route. The boys pick up the bus on the main road so their stop shouldn’t change. I could not figure out why a snow route would include driving through the neighborhoods and stopping at the same places for the elementary kids. So I was prepared for anything by driving.

It was hard to turn around where I wanted to with oncoming cars and a car behind me. So I just drove Gwen all the way to her stop. We saw two other boys at the bus stop so we assumed we were in the right place. I did get a text message from someone when I started driving. I parked across the street from the bus stop and asked Gwen what she wanted me to do. She asked me to stand and wait with her. I checked my text message first.

A friend of mine had texted that the bus would be at the entrance to that other neighborhood on the main road. That made much more sense than what the school site said. I rolled down the window and told the boys about the change in bus stops for the snow route. I also offered them a ride which they both refused. Stranger danger! Even though the one kid knows I live across the street from him and the other kid also knows I’m Gwen’s mom. They assured me they could walk. Okay. Not much I could do about it except worry that they couldn’t walk fast enough.

We parked near the main road and got out to join the throngs of parents and students walking to the corner. I was grateful to see the boys make it before the bus showed up. My friend always walks her first grade daughter to the bus door and she will talk to the bus driver. This time the conversation seemed to be more than a simple greeting. So I waited for her. She said that the bus will follow the same snow route in the afternoon and that stop is where the kids will be dropped off after school. It doesn’t matter for Gwen since she will be rehearsing after school. I appreciated the information for the next snow route day.

I found it interesting how many moms said they loved the two hour delay and wished every day started that late. Oh to have your oldest child be in the first grade! They also said things like, “Wasn’t it so nice to wake up to snow yesterday?” Yes I remember when my kids were little and we spent all our time together. They grew up and no longer see me as their sole source of entertainment. I no longer plan my days around my kids. My routine is completely different now and weather related school changes can really mess up a lot of things!

I was not happy to get my last kid off to school and finally get home at 11:00 am. Although it was nice that I was able to fit in my workout and shower this morning. Not only that but I was dressed with full hair and makeup too. That part was nice. I don’t ever want to do this again. It was annoying. But at least the kids don’t have to make up the day in the summer. Snow days they do have to make up. So far there have been two of those.

When I walked in Heath updated me on the latest in our personal soap opera. That’s when I yelled. And it was lovely. We grabbed some lunch, put gas in my van, and picked up a snow shovel, thus guaranteeing the end of snow for the year. I hope anyway.

I posted my newfound knowledge of snow bus routes on our neighborhood Facebook page. Many parents responded and were very grateful for the information. I’m glad I posted that. I can’t believe the school sites are wrong. Don’t point parents to the websites if you can’t provide accurate information!

Drama, drama, drama. The soap opera continues. There are words to describe these people. I’m not allowed to use them. Although the internet is full of them including pictures. I need another Diet Coke.