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Another snow day.

Of all the days this could happen, today is not my first choice. I blame Parker. Last night he was lying on the floor under a blanket as we watched a movie. He worked up his best wishing hope-against-hope face and said, “I hope there’s no school tomorrow.” Ask and ye shall receive!

Wally Weatherman has been hinting that today might be a snow day. Snow did start to fall as predicted last night. I just really hoped it wouldn’t be a snow day. First of all, how does that affect my drama hostage? Gwen asked what would happen if tomorrow was a snow day too, or if the whole week was a snow day! I don’t know. Heaven help us all if that happens. I did get an email from the drama parents saying to help our kids practice at home. Links were included for the music as well as a video link of the last school that put on this play. It would help the kids with line cues.

I have an appointment to see an endocrinologist this afternoon. With a winter weather advisory in effect until my appointment time, we will be leaving an hour earlier than my scheduled arrival time. The clinic is 20 minutes away on a good day. Today is not a good day! The snow has been steadily falling since I confirmed they are indeed open and expecting to see patients. Fabulous.


I’m kind of getting tired of the snow. This has been a pretty unusual winter. On the news this morning they said this is the most snow they have seen in three years. By the way, they did not talk about anything else. There were no fires, no senseless murders, not even anything on Trump and his barrage of executive orders. They didn’t even switch over to Good Morning America. Flake by flake coverage.

Heath said the last time he knew of it snowing around here in February was 16 years ago when we were on our honeymoon in Victoria! They had flake by flake coverage then too. I laughed all morning because I had only lived in Utah and snow just isn’t that big a deal. Now that I have lived in Northern California for nearly a decade I’m a big baby. Plus I can see how slippery and inconvenient snow is in the Great Northwest. I wonder if we should invest in a snow shovel after all. Or ski pants for the kids. My laundry room is full of wet jeans.

Early this morning the school texted me, then called my home phone as well as my cell phone to let me know that school was canceled in our district. Heath and I were really hoping for a two hour delay. Oh well. I decided to let the boys know so they could turn off their alarms and sleep in. They both had the same response.

Parker: I was having a great dream!
Me: I’m sorry. Just turn off your alarm and go back to your dream.
Parker: I know, I’m just so excited! I was hoping there would be no school today!

As I tripped in Gavin’s room (and am now developing a bruise on the side of my foot)
Gavin: Hello!
Me: Hey Gavin, school is canceled today. Turn off your alarm and go back to sleep.
Gavin: I just had a dream about that!
Me: Sorry, I just didn’t want you to get up and get ready. You can sleep as long as you like.

All three kids were up before 8:00 am and bundling up to play in the snow. No surprise the neighborhood kids didn’t really go out until later in the morning, despite my text to one mom. It’s just as well. Her 7th grade daughter probably wasn’t interested in hanging out with my 8th and 6th grade sons. Her 5th grader was fighting off a cold and grateful for the snow day to recuperate. Gwen was bummed and came in to watch a movie until she could come up with other friends to play with.

Gwen played with one friend who goes to a private school. They played until lunchtime. Then she went to a new friend’s house. I asked who this girl was I had never heard of.

Gwen: She’s Carson’s older sister. I think she’s like 11 or something.
Me: I didn’t know he had any siblings. Is she a 5th grader?
Gwen: No, she’s like a 7th grader or something.

All righty then. Sure why not? Gwen is best friends with a 5th grader so why not hang out with the 7th grade older sister of the boy Gwen walks to the bus stop with! The girl had a hot chocolate stand with some other middle school girls in the neighborhood. Gwen said she helped but she didn’t make any money because she only helped. Too funny. I love the entrepreneurial spirit on this street!


Everyone must be warming by their fireplaces now. The street is empty again. The snow is quite pretty … when you have nowhere to go.