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Gwen has been kept at school until 6:30 every night this week. Her school day ends at 2:15 on Fridays, yet she will not be allowed to go home until 6:30 pm. Before you start thinking the worst let me say that we all signed off on this idea!

She brought home a note that we had nearly a month to consider. It talked about a drama opportunity after school for Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS. The after school commitment would be for two weeks. All students would be in the capable hands of professional directors. The culmination would be a two day performance in a real theater. Parents were asked to give permission along with money. PTA members were asked for $55 while non PTA members would pay $65. Since I don’t believe in the vampires also known as the PTA, I paid $65.

A mandatory parent meeting was held on the first practice day. I think that’s a little strange. My kid had already committed at that point. The money had already been paid. After the deed was done and I had given over my last born child, that’s when we found out how long the practices would be. Every night. Until blood dripped from the children’s eyes. Okay, maybe not that.

After a couple of practices the parents were given a ransom note at pickup. As if we hadn’t sacrificed enough already! The first day was nightmare enough. Thank goodness we are a two parent household. The mandatory parent meeting went from 6:00-6:30. Deacons were supposed to invade our home at 7:00 for a pizza/Forsa party. Parker had to be at the church for Scouts at 7:00. One of us had to be home in case the pizza dude came early. Which he did. It was a tense hour as Heath and I were pulled in multiple directions at once.

Then finding out that Friday practices would be four hours long was a bit shocking. Next Friday the parents are expected to get their kids from school to the theater within 30 minutes of school ending for a dress rehearsal and then the first performance. My eyes get bigger and bigger with every new expectation I feel like I wasn’t adequately prepared for but forced to deal with because I signed my name.

The ransom note is the cherry on top.

For the privilege of no room or board I am now being asked to pay to get my child back on performance days. Early ticket prices are a whole $2 per ticket cheaper than posting bail at the box office. For the “bargain” of $20 Gwen will allowed to come home with us this weekend as opposed to going with Child Protective Services. Actually it’s more than that. We will have to pay $20 on Friday for her to sleep in her own bed. The boys can stay home on Saturday while we use our $10 tickets to redeem our child.

Gwen melts down every night. Who can blame her? She comes home all smiles and excitement personified. She eats dinner that we calculate to be on the table in time for her to walk through that front door. Homework immediately follows along with green eyed jealousy. Every child was guaranteed a role. Gwen is Spot with one short line. I keep telling her it’s better than the other dogs whose parts were divided among four kids. There are 22 narrators alone.

Last night Gwen was given a second role. She is also a Scottie dog. I’m not sure how the costumes will work so the audience will recognize her as part of the Scottie dog group singing a song and also a Dalmatian named Spot. She is still upset that her debut role is not a main character! I keep telling her that they trust her enough to give her two parts and that’s something. Next year she may get a main role. Ugh, next year … Not sure I want to agree to a next year. The PTA has already robbed me blind. Serial killers are more reasonable than this!