Ding dong! The doorbell rang loudly. I walked to the front door wondering who could be there. It is a known fact that Gwen’s curfew is 5:00 pm. It was after 5:00. She is also involved in the school play for the next two weeks. Her first practice was today. The deacons weren’t supposed to come over until 7:00 for their pizza and Forsa party. Who could it be?

I opened the door to two young ladies from the neighborhood. They were holding several sheets of hand colored art apiece. As soon as the door swung open they started fumbling their pages as they asked me a question I never expected to hear.

Girls: These are pictures for the local elementary yearbook cover. Will you help us judge which one should be picked?
Me: Sure!

The girl on the left dropped half her pictures while the girl on the right said Miss Left should go first. She showed me several different pictures of frogs, the school mascot. I nodded my approval equally with each one. Then the girl on the right showed me one picture of a really well done frog and several pages of crayon written text.

I pointed to the frog that was obviously done by a fourth or fifth grader at least. Maybe it was that girl who did it. They never said who the artist was of any of the work. I wisely did not say that I thought the crayoned words were boring, especially for the cover of a yearbook. Then I told the girl on the left that I liked the frog in her stack with the tongue sticking out. I said I liked the red tongue and how it broke up the colors. They thanked me and skipped off my porch.

I never would have expected that! We don’t really live in a place called Mayberry. It sure feels like it sometimes! My 1950’s dream …