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Parker’s cartoon reads:
Somewhere in Heaven …
Cow: Hey you!! March 18.
Angel: What?
Cow: Remember that burger you ate?!
Angel: No.
Cow: That was me! Now you are going to know what it’s like to be eaten.

What a twisted mind. It’s somewhat disturbing that he illustrated this whole scene in the middle of Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. We all laughed. Quietly, but still mostly out loud.

Tonight for dinner we had a chicken and rice premade dish from Costco. The last time we had it we loved it. Lightning did not strike twice. I think several chickens were killed for the making of this dish. Either that or one mother of a gristly, gelatinous fat filled bird.

I wonder if a free range bird with dreams and aspirations or a caged bird produces such subpar meat? I don’t know. Like the comedian I heard today, I don’t want to eat a chicken with dreams of going back to school. Of course I don’t want to eat the chicken that should be tender because of its sedentary lifestyle either.

I hate chicken. Full on HATE chicken. It always tastes like chicken and that is no compliment. This was the most chickeny of all chicken and I was practically dry heaving. As I apologized for the thousandth time, Parker piped up with a glass half full point of view.

Parker: At least no cows are being eaten tonight!