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One of these days I will get to sleep in. I just know it. Today was not that day. Gavin had a basketball game this morning with the deacons. Heath is the second counselor in the Young Men’s presidency and apparently now he is also the basketball coach. Between his Young Men’s responsibilities on Tuesdays, he also referees men’s basketball on Thursday nights. Welcome back sport widowhood. *sigh*

He has been refereeing church basketball games since he was 15 years old. Coaching is new and intimidating to him but he is doing it. He said that he really enjoyed being a coach today and watching the game from a different perspective. I just loved looking over at him and seeing him make all the hand signals as if he were the ref! Old habits die hard.

This morning’s game was a trip down memory lane for Heath since the game was at the same church building he attended as a 15 year old. Every time he reminisces and wonders aloud if he will recognize people from his past, I always wonder if I should change my clothes. Should I put on something cuter to give off a better impression? My clothes aren’t changed and so far we haven’t run into anyone. There are only a couple of people in our ward now who know Heath in roundabout friend of a friend sort of ways. Going home can be strange.

Gavin asked me to watch him play. He says he performs better under pressure so he wanted an audience as motivation. He played well. Most of the boys are experiencing organized ball for the first time. I don’t particularly like basketball. I would rather watch basketball than many other sports like baseball or soccer. I have to say, I rather enjoyed watching basketball today. Since the boys are inexperienced 12 and 13 year olds, it slowed the game down for me. The referee explained things to the boys which I found extremely helpful.

My first experience with basketball was traumatizing. Someone called me. I think it was the Young Women’s president. She would not take no for an answer. And I’m such a people pleaser that I rarely say no to requests! (if you need me to do something then ignore that last sentence) I told her I didn’t want to play and that I didn’t even know how to play basketball. She didn’t care. She made it sound like if I didn’t show up the team would have to forfeit. Motivated by guilt, I reluctantly accepted the invitation to play a game I didn’t understand with girls I never felt connected with since I was a school grade younger.

I remember I was chewing gum. It completely disintegrated as soon as I went out to play. I was so nervous! I ran up and down the court praying no one would ever pass to me or expect to even see me. Watching the deacons play today made me realize I was not as invisible as I once thought. Somehow I lived through my experience. I was a little jealous of these boys though. They had coaches and plenty of adults in the gym shouting encouragement and advice. No one did that for my team. Sports are even harder when you grow up in a family that doesn’t follow sports in any way and church leaders just expect everyone to understand the game.

These boys had a lot of support. I loved watching boys that would immediately pass the ball as if it was a hot potato start trying to take shots. Whether the shot was successful or not the parents went crazy cheering. This gave the boys an extra boost of confidence and they would try again. Two of those boys made several baskets for their team.

I also thought it was cool that Gavin congratulated an opponent for successfully scoring. The teams were a little mixed. There was supposed to be a game at 9:00 but only one team showed up. The team that was supposed to play our boys didn’t show up. We won by default. There were enough boys to play a game if Heath gave up some of his players to the other team. Gavin was one of those trades. When he patted an opponent on the shoulder, he was really congratulating a friend.

After Heath logged his first win as a coach, we went to Café Rio for lunch. Love that place! Then we did some shopping. Gavin is going on a snow campout this coming weekend and still needed a couple of items. I have mixed feelings about a snow campout. I’m so excited for him because I think it will be really fun for him. Heath tells great stories about building an igloo on Mt. Rainier in the rain. I just worry about Gavin being warm enough. I’m a mom. It’s my job. I think we got him the supplies he needs to stay warm. I will still worry until he comes home! Can’t wait to hear about his adventures though.


Heath bought me drapes for our bedroom. We put them up while watching BYU play basketball. I definitely need to work on reupholstering the bench. The 90’s called and they want their striped cream fabric back.


The drapes are a shiny gun metal gray color. The sheers are white with a pretty geometric design. The drapes boast light blocking, sound reduction, and they should also help reduce electric bills. Sweet! I look forward to not having the early morning sun wake me up in the summer. I am super excited about the noise reduction since there are times, especially on warmer nights, when the neighbors are out partying until the wee hours of the morning. It looks so grand. I love it!