It has been a busy three day weekend. On Friday afternoon I laughed so hard my sides were splitting. I was reading Gwen’s report on cheetahs. She cannot spell to save her life! Somehow spelling came up later that night. Heath told Gwen about my fit of laughter. Without missing a beat she said in the most deadpan voice

Whatever Miss Spelling Bee Champian! (champ ee awn)

Yes, the misspelling is on purpose. I have a t-shirt that says Spelling Bee Champian. It’s funny because that’s not how you spell champion.

On Saturday I swore we would never have anything to do with another birthday party. Ever. Those midday birthday parties mess up the whole day! Gwen understood since I complain about this a lot. I even wrote a post last January saying it would be my New Year’s resolution for 2017. Somehow I forgot that. On Sunday I got an email inviting Parker to a birthday party for a church friend this Friday. Looks like my stairs will continue to be vacuumed every day this week too!

My biggest problem with all these birthday parties is the short notice for my kids to truly earn the money for a gift. Gavin pointed out that Parker’s friend is turning 12 “and that’s a big deal.” Very true. Turning 12 and receiving the priesthood is a big deal.

Sunday was the day of meetings for Heath. If Gavin wasn’t involved with one of those meetings I may have taken the kids out for a walk. The sun was shining and the temperatures had warmed up. To the 40’s but it still felt balmy! The kids had spring fever so badly. We never went out walking. I did get a nap in which was nice. And my blood sugars stayed on the lower side of normal all day. That was a nice change of pace for a Sunday.

Yesterday we went on a Future of Flight tour. Afterwards we had family over for homemade pizzas. It was a full and fun day. I want to blog about it. Just not right now. I decided not to post the lesson notes on Sunday and yesterday I didn’t have any time to post anything about the General Conference Book Club reading assignment for this week. I just got both of those posts out for my ward. Now I’m tired.

I think I will curl up in front of the fire with the rest of my Diet Coke and a book of deck ideas. Heath and I have been dreaming up plans for our backyard. I’m so excited! While we wait for Heath’s bonus and tax info we will solidify our backyard plans. For now the Pineapple Express is dumping warm rain. *contented sigh*