Look Mom! I dressed myself!

Actually, she didn’t dress herself. Today is Mismatched Day for Gwen. She woke up early to ask for my help. Once I got all the lunches packed, I went with her to her room. That was when I learned that it is extremely difficult to find mismatched clothes for my children. I don’t think I do it on purpose, but they all seem to wear colors that go together. They also wear jeans. Anything goes with jeans!

Gwen wears skirts but even her print skirts go with everything. Grandma suggested this patterned fabric for a skirt because of the many colors. Any t-shirt would go with it. I found one shirt with an allover print. I wouldn’t recommend she wear the shirt and skirt together but the shirt is pink with a subtle print. It didn’t not go! The shirt is more summery with fluttery, nearly non-existent sleeves. So I grabbed a long sleeved shirt to go underneath. Also pink. With a pair of jeans underneath, the outfit didn’t feel mismatched enough.

The only t-shirt she had that clashed with the pink sleeves on the long sleeved shirt was a yellow Ariel shirt. Then I remembered her purple zebra print pajama pants. Apparently the lesson here is that mismatching is easier with layers. Heath suggested she wear her tennis shoes instead of her boots. Gwen wanted to wear one shoe and one boot. We shut that down immediately. It would be too distracting for her to walk in uneven shoes.

She also wanted me to do weird things with her hair. Whatever the dress up part, she must be all in. I wisely braided her hair normally. Let’s keep the focus on the mismatched clothing. Weird hair would make for a weird looking crazy person.


Layers indeed. When she put on her coat to head out the door, I had to snap another picture. Now that’s a mismatched outfit! She will be home soon. At that time she can shed a few layers and go back to normal. I hope.