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At one time of year everyone agrees. During this four to six week period of time, people look out for one another. We spread joy through acts of service big and small. With the children in mind, we spark a twinkle in their eyes through magic. I can think of no greater piece of universal cooperation. Christian or not, religious or not – the adults of Western Civilization have agreed to keep the magic of Santa alive for every child.

I believe in Christmas miracles and I believe in Santa Clause. He exists in the hearts of mankind. On the news this morning there was a story about the annual toy drive Les Schwab Tires orchestrates. They were saying that people were not just bringing in one or two toys. They were bringing in toys by the box load. The warehouse looked like the set of the Nutcracker. Volunteers seemingly danced around larger than life boxes filled with toys. Bikes in every size stood in rows like soldiers waiting to make a child’s Christmas special.

That is the magic of Christmas.
That is the magic of Santa.

This is my favorite part of the holiday season. People paying it forward. People who do everything in their power to make sure no child is left out on Christmas morning. Because it’s not the child’s fault that Mom and Dad are filing for unemployment. The child still finds faith in the one person who can bring a moment of happiness – Santa. Who are we to have it all and not bring magic into the lives of others?

There may not be a person dressed in red who is the CEO of a toy production company run by little people. There may not be one person who singlehandedly delivers joy to the world in one night. But he does exist. He exists in the goodness of others. He exists in our quest for peace and goodwill toward men.

Santa is reminiscent of our Savior Jesus Christ. Neither one are physically on earth to bless the lives of others. Jesus expects His followers to be His hands. I see it every day but particularly during the holiday season when so many people retell His humble birth story and sing carols all about Him.

He does exist.