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“For sloth feeds upon twigs, leaves, and the hearts of men.” Sloth has tempted me with his cuteness and his cunning desire to do everything slowly, including blinking. But hey, it’s my happy birthday today and I don’t really care that I have accomplished nothing of consequence.

Last night I was depressed about my upcoming birthday. I was reminded that I would soon be one year older, still chubby, and still wrinkly as the day I was born. *sigh* So I had a bowl of ice cream. It was supposed to serve as motivation to exercise this morning. Well that didn’t happen.

I also phoned it in with the kids lunches. Parker agreed to buy school lunch to give me a break. The other two got PB&J’s from the freezer as well as anything else prepackaged I could find. And then two minutes after the boys were supposed to leave for school, I finally realized they better get going! Heath gave them a ride to the bus stop. What a nice guy.

I did measure Gwen to best determine the pattern size for the dress I had good intentions of cutting out today. Well that didn’t happen either. Instead I enjoyed a Diet Coke with Heath before taking a long hot shower, because we are not in a drought and it’s my birthday and baby it’s cold outside!

My present from Heath showed up. He bought me the gift of music with a second Sonos speaker to go upstairs. Now the music plays throughout the whole house. When I hear my “boyfriend” (Rob Thomas) upstairs and need to go downstairs, he’s still crooning down there. Heath thought it was strange that I didn’t have the Christmas music playing on Pandora when he brought in my gift. I told him I was hoping to hear some Rob Thomas today. The gift of music! Does my amazing husband love me or what!

For lunch we went to Safeway for the salad bar and delicious Diet Cokes. Unromantically, Heath had a bunch of calls so we couldn’t even eat together. If I didn’t have my sewing machine taking up the folding table we could have eaten together in the office. Heath suggested I get myself all comfortable in front of a cheesy Christmas movie while eating at the new end table from Lovesac.

If one is good, then more is better. Once I finished the movie with Mariah Carey starring as the small town Queen B, I found another Christmas movie on Netflix. Best movie ever! It was a Christmassy ghost story complete with a Victorian inn and the most gorgeous Victorian furniture I think I have ever seen. Oh how I loved that movie and the Diet Coke that Heath brought me while he was on yet another call.

So to sum up, I have done virtually nothing all day long. There is more celebrating to do tonight so I can’t say I was completely slothful on my birthday. Ah but doing nothing was sure awesome. The gift of music followed by permission to indulge in absolute laziness and $2 from Gwen for a Diet Coke … best birthday gifts ever!