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Storm would be an exaggeration. It did screw up traffic this morning and caused SeaTac to cancel 20 some odd flights. A light snow/rain mixture can wreak havoc in a state unprepared to deal with snow. Darn black ice is the biggest culprit.

School was not canceled or even delayed, much to Gwen’s dismay. She wanted to stay home and throw snowballs and, of course, build a life-sized snowman! Parker was jealous of Heath and me. He said we were lucky enough to not have to go anywhere. We could stay home sitting in front of the fire watching the snow fall while the kids had to go to school all day long, walking to and from the bus stop in the snow, uphill both ways. I know. Life is so hard when you’re 11.

We did not relax in front of a roaring fire (that requires one to actually stand up, cross the room, and flip a switch to ignite! Wow our lives are hard!). Heath pointed out to Parker that it’s not all fun and games when the kids go to school. He does have to work for a living. I had a full day myself. The good news is I finished the last pair of pajama shorts. I quickly wrapped them up with the t-shirts I bought and put the shiny package under the tree. Phew! One more present finished.


The snow actually began yesterday morning. Heath and I were working on something I needed to print for church. Suddenly we could hear the rain pounding down as if the outside world stepped into a shower. We opened the blinds and saw happy sunshine with long lines of gray rain falling as if it was a scene from an old scratched up movie. A few seconds later it turned to pellet sized hail bouncing off any surface it hit. We ran downstairs to let the kids know it was hailing. They were beside themselves with excitement. The hail didn’t last long before it became sleety snow.

Realize the last time they really experienced snow was at Thanksgiving time in Utah at Grandma’s house when they were 6, 4, and 2 years old. Gwen cried. She “warmed up” to the idea of snow the next day when she was bundled up and could play in it. Seeing snow fall on a Sunday morning was bliss. Precipitation vacillated between sleet, misty rain, and fat snowflakes every few minutes.

Pockets of white accumulated in corners of the tarp in our backyard and on the east side of the rooftops. Most snowflakes immediately melted on contact. The ground was wet and that was it.

This morning started out dry. At least the sky wasn’t leaking. The ground was wet. About the time the boys left for school they said it was raining. That fine Seattle mist we have grown accustomed to. I told them to put their hoods up on their new winter coats. Parker took a couple steps and then pulled his hood off announcing it was actually snowing. The rain/snow mix continued all day.

Gwen was thrilled to walk to the bus stop with snow gently falling like glittery wishes at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. She had her ski coat on with knit gloves, a fuzzy hat, and matching scarf. She skipped out the door still under the impression she could find enough snow to scrape together into a snowball.

Heath and I enjoyed watching the snow fall without any of the consequences. Nothing accumulated on the ground but it sure did look pretty falling against a green forest background. We went out to the grocery store and had to laugh at ourselves for how cold we were. Apparently we lived in Northern California too long. We have become soft. I maintain there is a difference between a humid cold and a dry cold. Utah can have highs in the 20’s and it feels nothing like 40 degrees in California. The problem with California is it’s cold in the morning but you know the sun will come out and thaw everything out.

This week the highs are in the 30’s and there is no sun. It’s frickin freezing outside! Although the next two days are forecasted to be in the low 30’s with full sun but humidity levels are above 90% so it is bone chilling cold. At least I have that cozy fireplace I can switch on at will.