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One down, four more to go. I would have sewed the second pair of shorts as well but my day was such that once I was ready to pin and cut out the pattern, I was afraid the boys would walk in the door any minute! It’s a problem that I can’t remember when Fridays end.

I knew the first sewing project would take the longest while I remembered how to do everything. Being in a new house adds time because I have to figure out where to set up. I have to say that I love love love my kitchen island. It’s just as big as the tiled entryway or the big craft table I used to cut out patterns. B-u-u-u-u-t, the island is ever so much more comfortable. My back isn’t sore and my legs aren’t asleep. I have done a good job of keeping the kitchen island and table mostly free of unnecessary piles of stuff. Our last kitchen had no hope. The counter always had something permanently stored on it.

The other nice part of this house is that I can fit a table for the sewing machine and the ironing board in the same room. Heath was able to continue working without being crowded. I wasn’t crammed in some corner. I had enough space to comfortably work. We kept the door shut and told all the kids that I was working on Christmas so they couldn’t come in. I have cleaned up the “evidence” of what I was sewing and left everything else out. The shorts came together so nicely I would like to pound out the other pair soon and then get going on Gwen’s stuff. I may just get it all done before Christmas!

I have learned that sewing is like riding a bike. It doesn’t matter how long it has been, I still remember how to do it. I think I did a great job too.