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The Christmas cards have been completed and delivered. It’s only been years since we have sent Christmas cards. Oh and our family will be impressed that we included school pictures. We buy the picture packets every year and every year we forget to send pictures. Usually because we don’t send cards because we’re lame like that.

Cards don’t happen unless they are a top priority. Otherwise the season passes. Over time we don’t receive as many cards because people give up on us. This year we thought it might be nice for people to at least know where we moved to. Some people probably didn’t even know we moved. Surprise! The decision to move happened quickly so no one should feel bad if they weren’t in the loop. Sending off a big, heavy stack of Christmas cards felt fantastic. And on December 1st no less!

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with Dawn. Let me back up. As a family we went out last Saturday and split up to buy gifts. I had a mini meltdown in JoAnn’s and could not buy anything I needed. I was overwhelmed by fabric choices and people. So I called for reinforcements. Dawn, aka the Quintessential Crafting Queen, agreed to hold my hand through the process. I have enough fabric to make two dresses and one skirt for Gwen and two pairs of pajama shorts for Gavin.

Christmas is going to come super fast this year because I’m up to my eyeballs in sewing projects. All I did today was wash and dry the fabric. I did make dinner which I wasn’t sure was going to happen. Heath and I went to the post office and then found some lunch nearby.


This was the view from our table. I love trees! Can you imagine what this place would look like in the spring or summer?

After lunch Heath decided to pop into a bookstore. Dangerous idea. We bought more Christmas presents for our kids, not on the list (the books not the kids!), and I got Olive the Other Reindeer. The other day I read Christmas books to Gwen and Parker while Heath and Gavin were at Scouts. I had a kid on either side of me and we read like ten books in a row. It warmed my heart. Theirs too, I think. Christmas books are so fun to read over and over again.

Meanwhile, Heath and I still needed to go grocery shopping for dinner tonight. We made quick work of the grocery store before our bladders exploded and now dinner is simmering in the crock pot. I wrapped the new gifts and folded the fabric before hiding it. Sewing will have to happen tomorrow somehow. That should be a trick since the kids get out early on Fridays.

Then I have to take the boys to the store to find them real winter coats since we may get snow sbig-fat-coatoon. Next week highs should be in the 30’s. Sweatshirts and lightweight rain jackets won’t keep the boys warm. They will be dry but not warm. Gwen will have to wear her big, fat ski coat. What was I thinking when I let her choose that coat in California? At least she has it now when it will be useful.

Gwen is hoping against hope for snow. Not because school will most likely be canceled. Not being able to go to school to see her friends would kill her! No, she wants to play in the snow. She has grand plans for sledding and building Gwenny sized snowmen up and down the street with the other neighborhood kids. In her mind, Northwest snow is dropped from the sky by the foot. Won’t she be surprised when there is barely enough to make a footprint!


There is just so much excitement in the air. I love Christmas, the whole Christmas season! You know what sounds so good right now? Hot chocolate and caramel apple cider from Starbucks while we drive around looking at Christmas lights listening to Christmas CD’s. Ooh, or a sleigh ride! Driving around sipping hot holiday beverages from Starbucks is more likely. There’s a Starbucks just up the street. Santa and his sleigh are a little less local.