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“Christmas shopping already?” The Albertson’s cashier was surprised we would do anything of the sort before Thanksgiving. I guess it is a little strange. I don’t normally go out of my way to shop so early. I can’t decide if I’m just excited or if there is another reason for this haste. For now, we’re going with I’m just that excited.

We just got back from tithing settlement with the Bishop. It is an annual event where members declare whether or not they are full tithe payers. There was another family waiting before us. When we went in the Bishop said we were the second family he has seen and he appreciated our willingness to come in early. Heath was just thrilled to no longer be in charge of the appointments. He figured the least we could do for the current executive secretary was to sign up and sign up early.

Last Sunday was the Primary program. There are no words to express the feeling of complete relief from having absolutely nothing to do with it! I don’t have to prep binders for the new year or put together countless lists of the same information in as many different ways as there were people asking for it. I get to actually enjoy December for the first time in years!

So yeah, that enthusiasm has come with early Christmas shopping. I was practically skipping through the grocery store afterwards because I realized we were about 80% of the way done. Before Thanksgiving!

I loved going on a date with Heath. We hang out together all the time. I used to feel like we were on dates when we would go out to lunch every time he worked from home. Now he works from home full time and we still go out every day. Even if we go to Safeway for the salad bar more often than not. There was just something special about going out after the game on Saturday.

We put Gavin in charge of making dinner so we could go out for dinner. That was probably my favorite part. We taught him how to warm up pizza in the oven so we could have Café Rio! It was awesome. I texted him to see how things were going. He replied that everything was fine but he wasn’t hungry because he had eaten so much pizza for lunch. They were finishing up their leftovers when we got home nearly four hours later. That was the other best part. We left our kids home for hours while we shopped for them. I love not having to pay for babysitters anymore.

I’m so excited about the stuff we got for the kids. Their little heads are going to explode. All that’s left is a few more online orders. We’ve got Christmas in the bag! We bought another Lego train. The kids were surprised about that since we already have one. At least we know where it is this year and should we lose it again, we have a spare! No, I think it will be cool to have two trains choo chooing around the tree. Heath imagined the kids causing many head on collisions. I don’t know how I feel about that but I can see them having fun with the double trains.

The whole Christmas season lies before us with endless possibilities. Stories will be read, cookies will be baked, lights will be enjoyed. Who knows, there may even be a family ice skating moment. The family that bruises together stays together right? All I know is I am so excited to soak in Christmas this year. All Grinches can take a long walk off a short pier. You ain’t ruining my Christmas this year! I’m going to have fun with my family and no one can stop me.