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The house is clean, the cookies have not been made. At least Heath is finally home. It has been a long week while he’s been in Austin for a conference. At the same time, it has been a short week too. I have watched a lot of cheesy Christmas movies with wild abandon. I had to stop today and at least give off the impression that I’m a responsible adult. I wouldn’t want the kids to know that yesterday I popped a bag of popcorn for lunch to enjoy with my Diet Coke in front of a cheesy Christmas flick. Nutrition shmutrition!

I do feel like a cool mom today though. I had all these plans of fun things to do with the kids knowing they had the day off from school. We all slept in as planned. I let them watch the longest Disney short compilation on Netflix. It was funny because they kept saying there were only two more shorts and then it was over. They said it a good ten times before the show actually was over.

They all cleaned their rooms and cleaned their bathrooms. I wasn’t quite finished with my cleaning frenzy yet when the doorbell rang. I asked Parker, “If I disarm the alarm will you open the door?” I was still in my workout clothes with my sweaty hair splaying out in every direction. I was not fit for public viewing.

Lexie was at the door asking if Gwen could play. So much for having Parker answer the door. He looked at me for answers. Of course she could play but I just wasn’t ready yet. I said not right then, maybe after lunch. It was noon after all. Gwen finished her chores and Parker helped her make a hot pocket for lunch. She took off. I reheated our taco soup leftovers for the boys and told them to see if Lexie’s brothers could come over and hang out. I was going to shower.

Tucker and Grant came over to play video games. I did laundry and cleaned some more – because I have cleaning OCD. My kids were having the time of their lives. This is all I have ever wanted for them. I have always wanted to live in a neighborhood where playdates don’t require prior notification by way of engraved save the date invitations.

At some point the doorbell rang again. A couple little girls were asking if Gwen could come out and play. The same thing happened yesterday with two other little girls. I told them I thought Gwen was at Lexie’s house. So sad I didn’t know for sure. But Gwen and Lexie could have been at the park mixing it up with other kids. At 5:00 I sent Gavin out to find Gwen and tell her it was time to come home. She had spent the entire afternoon at Lexie’s house. That works.

Parker did get to watch Holes when Grant went home. I made dinner five nights in a row but I did not make cookies. I was exhausted. Heath was grateful he was able to get home in time to eat dinner with us. He said he didn’t care about the cookies. Do I have the best husband or what? I did pour him a Diet Coke as an after dinner treat.

So the kids had a great day off. Heath had to travel on his day off. The good news is he can take a floating holiday later. Wahoo! And he practically aced his test at the conference. If it was school he would have been given an A. *sigh* I’m just happy to have him home finally!