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A mother’s work is never finished. I kind of love it.

Whenever I get back from a trip away from my kids I realize how much I love making them lunches every morning. They aren’t healthy or even tasty. Half the time I throw in whatever pre-packaged fruit choice and snack I can find to go with the same sandwich I put in every single day.

They don’t seem to mind the lunches. Gavin says he prefers them to school lunch. After two years of hauling his backpack everywhere at school because there were no lockers, he ought to know. Parker will eat the frozen PB&J sandwiches if I’m too lazy to make a sandwich. So far this year Gwen is the only one willing to buy school lunch once a week. The boys claim they like my lunches better. Who could argue with that sound logic?

If the lunches aren’t that special, why not make the kids pack their own? Occasionally it has to happen. When I have an appointment I need to be showered and ready for, or I’m out of town. I have learned that I don’t want to make them do it. I like doing it for them.

On the other hand, I like watching them make their own breakfast every morning. It was a thrilling moment when I realized Gwen could pour her own cereal and milk. Now I know that if anything were to happen to their parents, they can at least survive on cold cereal or toast!

They may need therapy one day because their mother wouldn’t make them a decent breakfast. I do make breakfast for dinner anytime Heath is out of town or at a business thing. Sometimes I will make them breakfast on a day off but Parker usually pukes his guts up because he only likes scrambled eggs. Any other kind make him barf! I don’t typically make dinner. But I do feel special when I make taco soup. It’s browning meat and pouring cans into a crock pot. The boys love it and I feel like a million bucks when I make it!

Somehow I got stuck in a food train of thought. There are other aspects of mothering that I love. I love being a homemaker. I love cleaning. I don’t know why. The sister missionaries came over the other night unannounced. I was so embarrassed because I hadn’t done the dishes yet and the house was cluttered with backpacks and toys. One sister said, “This isn’t messy. It looks like people live here!” I replied with, “But I work really hard to make it look like no one does!” Of course everyone drops by during those down moments.

I love waking the kids up in the morning. All three have alarm clocks. All three wait for me to come in. Parker is first. He sleeps so soundly that I go to his bed and rub his shoulder or his back and tell him he needs to get up. Gavin is next. Because he’s downstairs I turn on his light as I walk out the door. He’s really cute though. Every morning it’s the same thing.

Me: Gavin, it’s time to wake up! Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!
Gavin bright and cheery: Okay.

I turn on the light as I walk out and head back up to the sinfully warm and snuggly comfort of my own bed to watch the news until 7:00. If Gwen hasn’t naturally woken up by the time the boys leave for school, I wake her up.

I love that they walk to and from the bus stop on their own. It’s a new freedom for them. Not necessarily Gavin. He took a city bus to school the last two years. I’ve learned I relax when all three have made it home in the afternoon. There is something about having them all under the same roof at the same time.

Being a mom is really fun. The other night Parker asked for some advice. “What should you do if you did something nice for someone and now they keep asking you to do it all the time?” We learned that his impromptu act of service had crippled his friends. He gave a fish and suddenly they couldn’t remember the fundamentals of fishing. I told him to use his natural charisma and sense of humor to tell them no. We role played.

Friend: Can you throw this away for me?
Parker: Why? Did you forget how? Lift your hand until it hovers over the trash, lower your open hand. When it touches the trash, close your fist …

Gwen was giggling like crazy. I love dinnertime. That’s when we have the best conversations. Car rides bring out the giggles too.

It’s fun talking to the kids now that they are older. It’s fun to learn how they feel about things and what their opinions are about the world around them. I like seeing how seriously Gavin takes the responsibility of having his own bathroom. And how much Parker gets upset about Gwen’s hair all over the bathroom! Welcome to life with a girl who has long hair!

They’re fun to watch TV with. They’re fun to hang out with. I loved when they were all little and I love that they are all growing up. Being a mom is really fun. I would go on but my babies are waiting for me …