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The rains are coming down and the floods are coming up. By the way, the storm of the century that I mentioned was supposed to hit over the weekend, never did happen. We had rain and some wind gusts. Nothing even close to what they were forecasting. Heath and I made the executive decision to stay home and not go to the adult session of Stake Conference on Saturday night. We didn’t want to leave our kids home alone for their first storm in a new place when the power very likely could go out or their parents could be blown away to Kingdom Come in a wind gust. In hindsight we could have gone. But hindsight is 20/20. We were all snuggly together at home and I don’t regret it.

Heath drove the boys to the bus stop this morning. Parker had accidently left his weather proof jacket in his art class yesterday. He wears that jacket over a hooded sweatshirt to protect him from cold and rain. Yesterday started out cold then the sun came out. So it’s no surprise he took the jacket off and forgot about it. It does make life tricky when Noah floats by on his boat the next morning.

Gavin was moving a little too slowly this morning. I tell him over and over that he needs his weather proof jacket over his hoodie. He chooses not to listen. He had to put his BYU jersey over his sweatshirt which took some time and then he slowly grabbed his jacket to hold in his hands. Because that will keep him dry. Parker had an umbrella and Gavin had a jacket draped over his arm and time was running out. So Heath drove them. What a nice guy!

I told Gwen that I would drive her up the street and we could walk to the bus stop from there. There are barricades blocking the street from traffic, just not emergency vehicles. I could drive all the way around but I didn’t think it was necessary. Neither did Gwen. She gave me the biggest bear hug. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That’s all I ever wanted!” Funny girl.

I stopped in front of the candy house and let her out since she will leave school early today for Gavin’s XC meet. I’m such a nice mom! This is the house that is decorated within an inch of its life. The lady was the one who gave us the ghost as a thank you for Gwen helping her decorate. Anyway, she has a fresh stash of candy in a bowl and spilling into a skeleton’s lap on her front step. She has a sign letting the neighborhood kids know to take one piece of candy every dang day. For real! As far as I know, the kids are all honest about it and only take one piece a day.

How nice am I that I let Gwen get candy this morning? Then I drove to the corner and turned around. I turned off the car and as Gwen was getting out I asked if she wanted me to come with her. The question was only asked because she didn’t seem to be interested in waiting for me to get out and join her. She looked at me and said, “Nah. I’m okay. Bye Mom!” I asked if she was sure and she assured me she didn’t need me. So she walked into the other neighborhood toward the bus stop. I turned on the car and drove home. That’s all she ever wanted. It was weird but I knew she was happy.

I walked with her one morning this week. As soon as we got outside she found her little buddy and ignored me. We got to the bus stop and she flitted around all her friends like the social butterfly she is. The bus came and she barely acknowledged my existence. This is a girl who does not need me to take her to the bus stop. It’s lucky that things worked out that when she was in kindergarten, Gavin would drop her off at her classroom in the morning. How embarrassing would it be if her mother actually got out of the car on her carpool days to drop off Gwen! At least the teacher was cool with Gwen’s 5th grade brother dropping her off. I did have to pick her up though.

By first grade, Gwen was running ahead of me along the back path up to the school grounds. Parker would walk with me but Gwen could not be held back from her friends! It didn’t take long before I would pull up behind the school, screech to a stop, and order them in a deadpan voice to get out. I love Gwen. She is too funny.

Gavin is pretty funny too. This morning I asked if he needed to clean his glasses. He replied with a, “Perhaps.” He is so funny the way he talks. Then Heath told me a great story. Last night he went with the youth to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Gavin had handed his glasses to someone when it was his turn. He had done one or two baptisms when Heath noticed Gavin’s zipper on his jumper was coming down.

“You’re showing too much chest hair, Gavin.”

While the zipper was being worked back up in place, the key pinned to the zipper pull came off and fell into the font. The key is to the locker where Gavin’s clothes were being stored. Our neighbor, Tom, was the one doing the baptisms. He was only wet to his hips and Gavin was of course completely soaked from the ordinance. So Tom asked Gavin to grab the key off the font floor. Gavin admitted that he couldn’t see it. The poor kid is blind as a bat without his glasses. So Tom managed to get the key between his toes and pull it out of the water that way! Funny situation.