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Parker has lost two molars in as many days. One on each side of his mouth. He wasn’t in a fight or anything. Apparently they were loose and sore and eventually came out. The second one came out this morning after he finished eating breakfast.

He went into the bathroom and came out with toilet paper in his mouth and a tooth in his hand that he held up like a prize. I was a little surprised. Mostly because everything he had said to me before suddenly made sense. I don’t always listen! I heard enough to know he was complaining that it hurt to eat. I just assumed it was because of the hole in his mouth he created when he pulled out a molar the other day. I didn’t realize he had another loose tooth.

I don’t remember losing molars. It only makes sense that people do. If they are going to lose baby teeth in the front of their mouths, then they should also lose baby molars. It just seems weird. Molars look so different from other teeth. Every time my kids lose molars I worry that maybe those things weren’t supposed to come out. Then I tell myself that even if they weren’t supposed to come out, at least they are molars. A hole in the back of the mouth is much less visible than say losing your front teeth again.

When Parker pulled out the first offending molar, he was relieved. It had been loose and hurting for days. He held up the molar for his dad to see. Which just reminds me that Parker lost his first tooth in the garage and we couldn’t find it. Recently he admitted to swallowing a tooth in those early tooth losing days. I think that’s why he shows us his bloody teeth. Proof.

Gwen was getting ready for bed and out of earshot. So Heath congratulated Parker on a bloody job well done. Then he handed Parker a dollar and told him to throw the tooth away. “The Tooth Fairy just came to visit!” Older kids really are easier than younger kids!

This morning I told Parker to show his dad his tooth. Heath checked his wallet but only had a $10. Parker said, “You could give me that. It has a one in it!” After the boys left for school I checked my wallet to see if the Tooth Fairy could visit during the day. I only had a $20. I can’t give him that. It has a two in it.