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This is one of my favorite Imagine Dragons songs. An opus is an artistic work of some kind such as a painting, sculpture, or even writing.

People have told me that they would never want to scrapbook because it’s a project that has no end. I say it depends on what you are scrapbooking. Your daily life, yes. A specific vacation, no. I stopped scrapbooking about my daily life because it can feel like tripping on a treadmill. Now I blog and sometimes feel the same way. I’m so behind on my stories!

Today was a lovely day. Heath had the day off because Columbus Day is a bank holiday. The kids went to school and we played. I finally found my contacts prescription and was able to get a year’s supply from Costco. We also bought some Christmas decorations. Don’t tell me it’s too early. It’s not. I love Christmas. And don’t tell me you buy your decorations after the season is over. I don’t care. I gave my tree away before we moved and the kids tree was just not going to cut it. A new tree was a must.

Interestingly enough we ended up buying another 7.5′ tree. Perhaps I shouldn’t have given away the tree before we left. Who knew that there is nothing between 7.5′ and 9′? We have 9′ ceilings. So we will build a box to help the tree grow! It will be perfect.

We had lunch at Azteca and it was quite lovely. We drove around in circles looking for a La-Z-Boy furniture store to start dreaming of options for our living room. Once we gave up on the idea we found the store off to the side of the freeway we were on. Oh well. We went home and enjoyed delicious bottled “diet soda that will remain nameless” (Think Dieter F. Uchtdorf) while watching The Finest Hours. Great movie! Based on a true story and very compelling.

The kids came home from school so I took Parker to the doctor’s office because I swear the doctor said I didn’t need to make an appointment to get follow up doses of vaccines. I walked out with an appointment card and a very happy Parker because the inevitable was prolonged for another week.

The witch finally fell into her cauldron on our front porch. We will never fit in with the neighborhood Halloween décor. Our neighbors are intense. Imagine your local Candy Cane Lane only with Halloween decorations and lights in the front yard. That’s what our street looks like. And everyone set it all up on October 1st, I kid you not! It’s okay, I’m all sorts of hooked up for Christmas!

I was filling out activities on our dry erase calendar and it’s getting pretty full. I’m going to have to make time to blog since I haven’t been doing that great of a job lately. I still haven’t put up a picture from Gavin’s last Cross Country meet. I will have to miss it next week because it’s on a Thursday. The same Thursday that apparently everything under the sun is happening all at the same time. I will miss his game for a Relief Society activity (where I somehow agreed to not only set up, but also act in a skit!) and I will miss the BYU game that night. *sigh*

In the meantime, my house is a mess because we haven’t really been home in the last several days. The perma dent in my couch is calling my name. The television is tempting me to escape into its world. The house will still be a mess tomorrow and I will still have many stories to catch up on. This is my hopeless opus.