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Gwen is celebrating it all today. It’s game day so she is wearing her BYU shirt. Fridays are a state holiday where everyone wears Seahawks gear. Grandma made Gwen a Seahawk necklace so she wouldn’t be left out of all the hype. Personally I love that she is supporting both a college and a professional team on the same day. But go Cougars!


Today is also Crazy Hair Day at her school. When I finished creating this colorful twisted mess, I told her I really hoped it was Crazy Hair Day today! Otherwise she would look very strange. Once again I am in awe of her confidence. She was so happy to have me do this to her hair! She walked out the door ready to take on the world in her spinny hairstyle.


The bathroom was total chaos. There was no time for Gwen to clean it up so I did it for her after she left for school.


I snagged this picture from the class website. Gwen is the partially covered face on the right. Savannah’s spider hair is covering Gwen’s face!

Gwen was one of four kids at the bus stop this morning with crazy hair. Doesn’t look like many more kids participated at school. Oh well. It’s fun. This is one spirit day dress up activity that our last school never did.