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The second Cross Country Meet was in King County. I felt guilty enough checking out Gwen and Parker early for the first meet. This meet was far enough away we definitely had to pick up kids early.


This time I felt guilty about pulling Parker early after he missed a day of school! I’m glad it was only a 24 hour stomach bug. He looked like he wanted to die Monday night while we were watching the Presidential debate for Gavin’s history assignment. The sad part was that Parker missed out on Dad’s homemade In & Out burgers. There’s another story there. Parker puked his guts up all night and stayed home on Tuesday puking his guts up. He missed out on Mod Pizza night for Gwen’s school.

His unsettled stomach messed up a lot of things. My plans for the day went out the window while I was on puke patrol. His perfect school attendance record for the year was shot so early on. Last year he was so excited that he hadn’t missed a day of school. Except he had. He missed four days when he stayed home from Outdoor Ed with me. All he wants is to have one school year with perfect attendance! It seems that if he isn’t ever sick we go to Disneyland. If we don’t go to Disneyland he gets sick. So unfair!

Forget perfect attendance, my house is no longer perfect! I guess I didn’t expect to do so much living in a brand new house so early on! By Tuesday night he was all better so I sent him to school on Wednesday. With a note saying he would be picked up 20 minutes early for his brother’s meet! *sigh*

We left straight from Gwen’s school for the meet. Parker was a chatterbox the whole way. He said he saw the coach driving behind the bus. When we passed the bus he said he saw Gavin sitting on the bus. I wonder if Gavin recognized us on the freeway.

Things were a bit confusing since the meet was not at the middle school as advertised. It was actually going to be at a nearby park. The park was beautiful with a forest as part of the trail run. I love all the trees here! One day Heath and I were walking around our new neighborhood. I said it smelled like Girls Camp. He just looked at me and said, “That’s what nature smells like. You need to get out more!” I’ve never lived in the forest before.


This was my favorite part of the race – seeing the kids run through the trees.


Gavin is not used to running hills. So far they aren’t his favorite. Unfortunately we live where there are more hills than flat areas.


He sprinted for the finish line. I clocked him at 12:43 which is the same time the winner of the girl’s race got. I wish I knew for sure how long the course was. The hills killed Gavin’s lead a little. He started out so strong and well near the front of the pack. He finished 35th.

After all this time, I still can’t believe this kid loves to run as much as he does. I love watching him run. Getting Café Rio for dinner afterwards didn’t hurt my feelings either!