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One summer with no running at all and only nine practices to get in shape. Moving to a new state and joining a new team didn’t make the process any easier.


Sometimes life isn’t fair and you have to go through with it anyway. Win, lose, or draw, the race was happening.


The best part of Cross Country in the Northwest is the scenery. Garrett preferred Cross Country to Track because the scenery changed. Gavin is still trying to get used to the hills. He does love the cooler temperatures. He doesn’t miss practicing in 100+ degree temps. If I ever had to run (to save my life) I would love to run in a forest like this.


The race was 1.7 miles. I think that is the longest race he has ever had to run. Or at least one of the longest. Gavin still doesn’t check his time. I timed him on a cell phone and got 11:40 for a time. He may have been a couple seconds faster than my finger was to stop the clock. He was not in the front but certainly not in the back.


He admitted that he is usually nervous before meets. This time he wasn’t nervous and he wished he was. He said it wasn’t his best effort. I told him that he can only improve from here.

Sixth graders don’t compete here. They can practice with the team but they don’t compete. So the meets are short. One girl race with 7th and 8th grade girls. Then one boy race with 7th and 8th grade boys. May the best athlete win!

The meet didn’t start on time and it wasn’t close to home. I’m used to everything being a 10 minute drive away and five of those minutes are going up the Road to Nowhere. Anything across the freeway into the next city just adds an extra five minutes to the commute time.

It will take some time for me to get used to having to check out Gwen and Parker early on meet days. I got Parker out about 15 minutes early and Gwen closer to 30 minutes early. As I suspected, the team was not checked out early. They got on a bus right after school and arrived at the meet venue at the same time we did! At least we weren’t late.

So far the season is off to a great start. Gavin practices every afternoon for 90 minutes. Twice a week they run to nearby parks as part of their workout. On Fridays they run to a park and play Ultimate Frisbee. Gavin is obsessed with Ultimate Frisbee so he loves Fridays. Coach S says the kids probably get a better workout playing games on Fridays than they would if he just made them run.

I think Fridays are a little weird since the kids get out early. Like Late Start Wednesday only Early Fridays. So Gavin comes home on the bus with Parker, eats a snack and has to be taken back to school for practice.

I hated telling him to stop wearing his Huskies sweatshirt. He was allowed to wear it on weekends but not to school. I told him he is a Knight now and shouldn’t hold onto the past. We paid for a new school hoodie personalized with his name. We also ordered shirts for us. They came last Friday, two days after the first meet but so much sooner than I ever expected. So we can cheer with school pride for the next meet.

Gavin loves his new hoodie and wears it everywhere like he did with his Husky hoodie. I think it’s a sign that he runs and he loves it. I had to tell him not to wear his March Mile Madness shirts because they say his last school’s name on them. I moved in 9th grade and kept going to my old schools which made it hard to bond with the kids at church and in my neighborhood. I regret that decision.

There is part of me that wants him to do March Mile Madness on his own and ask for the Trilogy shirt. He is one of only a few students that would end up with all three shirts.

No matter what happens, it’s fun to watch Gavin run. I love watching anyone do what they are passionate about. It’s very inspiring.