School is good. The kids are enjoying it. Our house is awesome, especially after our new couch arrived on Friday. Life is good.

Several weeks ago I was called to be the assistant secretary in my church women’s organization. It is a position I have never heard of before but the Bishop assured me it’s in the handbook. The Relief Society president needed extra help and didn’t want to overwhelm her counselors and secretary with more work. So she asked for me as the assistant secretary.

It took some time for me to meet and coordinate with the president and secretary. I have some fun and interesting assignments. Most of them center around helping the women feel connected to one another. My top priority assignment is to start a blog.

I so briefly mentioned my love of writing when I spoke in Sacrament Meeting. I think I said something to the effect of having a penchant for writing and storytelling. I mentioned scrapbooking to the president and one of her counselors when they visited me soon after we moved in. I don’t really even scrapbook anymore. I blog. But I didn’t say that.

From that ever so brief mention I had someone tell me about a writer’s retreat. We talked for a minute and she emailed the invitation. While it would be quite lovely to attend a writer’s retreat near Deception Pass, I don’t want to. Not right now anyway. I don’t want to spend a couple nights with a bunch of strangers. Stephanie Black would have encouraged me to go and so would my mother in law. Which is why I haven’t told them about it! I don’t want to go this year.

So I found a writer friend from one sentence spoken from the pulpit. And now the blog assignment. I’m excited about the blog. I can do this. I can do this well. I have done it before! Last Thursday night we had a Relief Society activity where we introduced the idea of the blog. The president started by explaining that we will be having a General Conference talk book club. Then she said I would explain how by using my talents for blogging.

I guess I will start another blog! The hard part is designing how I want it to look. I’m actually spending (or wasting) quite a bit of time trying to figure out how I want it to look. I don’t remember how to do anything! And even though Heath is sitting right next to me he can’t really help me while he’s working. We’ll get it figured out soon enough. The book club isn’t the only thing I’m supposed to post about.

In other news, Heath is the president of our Home Owners Association! That happened last Wednesday night after Gavin’s first meet. He wanted to go to the meeting so he could get on the board. He wanted to be on the board so he could help make decisions and also so it would be easier to get approval for some of our backyard design choices. He never set out to be the president.

It’s just funny how we knew we were supposed to move here. Already we are very involved and being put into significant roles. It’s good. I’m excited. Now I need to design a blog …