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This last trip into the city was filled with memories. Steve had never been to Seattle before and was game for anything. We ended up doing many of the same things that Heath and I did on my first trip to Seattle. It was fun for the kids since they hadn’t done some of those activities before.

One thing we did for the first time in over 15 years was take the monorail from the Seattle Center to the Westgate Mall. I loved the monorail that first time. It was my first time on anything like that. The mall was smaller than I expected. Heath bought me a sparkly green lizard that we named Sammy the Seattle Salamander. He rests in a place of honor on a Seattle themed shelf.


Gwen was thrilled that we took the monorail. She worked her way to the very front of the train and had a wide eyed excited look on her face for the entire short ride. She knows monorails. She’s been to Disneyland! The real deal was just as special as the ride in the Best Place on Earth.

The mall was just as small as I remembered. We went into a sports store that of course specializes in Seahawks gear. Heath and I were in our BYU shirts ready to cheer on our team that evening. I was not expecting one of the clerks to razz me about my team. Normally if anyone feels a need to comment about BYU clothes, they talk to Heath. But no, this guy must have been saving his zinger for a while. My shirt is a couple years old.

He saw the “every day is game day” sentiment across my chest and said, “Not every day is game day … you guys don’t play on Sunday! I heard that you don’t play on Saturday either!” I was stunned by the zinger and rendered speechless. Duh, I had no comeback whatsoever.

Later Steve gave me a comeback. He said if something like that ever happens again I should say, “Oh yeah?” That’s it. That’s the entire comeback! I love it. Steve is a funny guy. While he and Heath were talking about the original Starbucks mermaid and how inappropriate the picture is, Steve told a funny.

Steve: Do you know why mermaids wear seashells?
Heath: Because they are better than algae bras?
Steve: No because D shells are too big!


Every time I go to the Seattle Center there is always something out in the street that catches tourists attention. This time it was Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. It reminds me of the Lego Darth Vader picture op at LEGOLAND. The kids thought this was fun. It only cost me $5 to take this picture. I wanted to tip and didn’t have any smaller bills.

The last time we were in Seattle a couple years ago there was a caricature artist. Uncle Charlie paid for each of my kids to have their image immortalized in cartoon form. Parker kept asking if we could get caricatures. The only problem is you can’t guarantee it will be an option.

We did go to Pike Place Market. The kids had never been there and I truly believe my last time there was September 10, 2001 when Heath and I had our caricature’s drawn. Part of me wondered if there would be a caricature artist somewhere in Pike Place Market. We never saw one.

Pike Place Market is a mixture of a state fair and a farmer’s market. Toss in enough people that you literally cannot walk without touching another person and you have a sense of what Pike Place Market is like. The kids hated it! It was a little too crowded. They don’t even throw the fish anymore. They kind of do but it’s not a full show anymore. They probably realized people were only standing around watching the show and not buying any fish. I wonder what Steve thought of Pike Place Market. We went for his sake.


Obviously you can’t go to Seattle without seeing the Space Needle. We decided not to eat in the restaurant because they were serving brunch. As fun as it would be to pay $50 a plate for brunch … we decided not to! We did go up on the elevators later in the afternoon.


I hate this picture! You would think that if your entire job is to take other people’s pictures, you could at least make sure everyone’s eyes are open before waving on the next group. I think Gavin’s eyes were closed in the Chihuly picture. They were free and you get what you pay for!


It was cold and windy on top of the Space Needle. The views are always spectacular. I love going to the top of the Space Needle.

Our city passes are still good until Sunday. We thought about going to do more fun stuff like the aquarium or the Argosy Cruise. But tomorrow is the only day we can go and we won’t have much time to play before things close. It might not be worth the effort. We’ll have to go back to the city another time and make more family memories. Sometimes I just can’t believe we live here!