Leaves are changing from green to brilliant shades of red and yellow. There is a crispness to the air even when the sun shines. All signs point to fall. Summer is becoming a pleasant memory. New sneakers and sharpened pencils fill the shorter days. Families spend more time together indoors snuggled under fuzzy blankets.

Harvest style decorations were seen adorning a front porch. Soon ghosts, witches, and other celebrations of the dead will decorate the neighborhood. Halloween is the beginning of months of holiday décor and specialty foods. As the world settles into gluttony, peace, and goodwill toward men, I am still waiting on my Lovesac couch.

Ordering the sectional was one of the first things we did after moving here. Before finding doctors or learning we had to start over on our insurance deductible because we moved. Before getting lost on the way home from Jetty Island. Before making the decision that yes, we will get air conditioning before next summer hits. Before ordering the biggest screen TV we have ever had and are enjoying without the comfort of real furniture. And certainly before most of the boxes had been unpacked, we ordered a sectional from Lovesac.

The salesgirl promised us 4-6 weeks for delivery. We could have had it in 2 weeks but I picked a color from the special order swatches. I did choose from the lowest tier of specialty fabrics. I chose not to have any piping or any other specialty features. All I wanted was the color. She took our money, placed the order, and reminded us that in 4-6 weeks our lives would change forever. Well, maybe she didn’t say that last part.

Our lives did change. We eagerly anticipated shipping information around week 4. Nothing. We clenched our fists, scrunched our eyes, and hoped like a young child for Christmas to come early. Week 5 passed by with no word from Lovesac.

We contacted customer service to see what was up. That was a pain in and of itself. Whatever form of communication we chose they suggested we try the other way. Finally we were told that the inserts (actual couch) and the covers (special and supposedly time consuming color I chose) could be shipped separately. Would we like them to split the order so we could get whatever was ready first? Yes please!

Exactly 6 weeks after we had placed the order, the specialty covers arrived. Still no word on where in the world Carmen San Diego was, much less where our inserts were or when they could possibly be delivered. Which is weird because that was the part of the order that should have been sitting in a warehouse. The part that only took 2 weeks to be delivered to someone’s doorstep but we had to wait because I ordered a different color of covers.

My mom and her new husband came to visit. We hoped to have a comfortable place for them to sleep. The biggest reason why we chose the Lovesac sectional was because of its ability to reconfigure into a queen sized bed. Hello guest bed! They walked through the house for the first time. Neither one looked impressed with the bonus room.


No matter how cute the blanket couch is, it’s not a guest bed by any stretch of the imagination. When I tried to calm fears by saying we have an inflatable mattress, I was told my mom’s husband has a bad back. He has been making weekly trips to a chiropractor. It went without saying, the air mattress was a no go.

My first house guests were forced to pay for a hotel because all I had to offer by way of sleeping comfort was what I lovingly refer to as the beach ball. Heath and I slept on that air mattress when we stayed at his parents’ house waiting for our house to be ready. He is larger than I am and sunk into the mattress while I was bounced up, almost AFV style. It felt like I was sleeping on a beach ball. When I got sick of it we crammed the five of us into a small hotel room for a few days.

Heath initiated more customer service conversations and was told our sectional would ship in 10 days. True story. Not only were we originally promised a complete custom set in 4-6 weeks, we would not receive the standard-sitting-in-the-warehouse portion of our order for nearly 8 weeks! So unacceptable. Heath emailed the CEO of Lovesac. The guy who demonstrates how to reconfigure the sectionals on the video. Maybe he could rewrite a happier ending to our story.

Well. Shipping information finally came in today. The sectional will arrive on Friday. That’s still closer to 8 weeks than anything else originally promised. As an apology gift we were given the choice of a cup holder or a wooden desk that wraps around the pieces of the sectional. I chose the ash colored desk because I thought the grayish black tones matched our décor better than the brown wood tones. Apparently I strayed from popularity once again and we will have to wait a couple months to get our free gift! So not kidding! The lady did throw in the cup holder as well.

While I appreciate Lovesac’s efforts to fix the situation I am still very annoyed. There has been a huge breakdown somewhere in the company. This is not okay. I really am in no hurry to darken Lovesac’s door again for any more furniture needs.


We had hoped to have seating in our bonus room for the first BYU football game. Weeks later we were still watching games on the floor. Like BYU’s offense, Lovesac is in no hurry to score points.