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Several weeks after planning a family trip to enjoy our new surroundings, we finally made it to Deception Pass. On Labor Day we loaded everyone into the van. Velma had a fresh new alternator and was no longer making horrible grinding noises with the smell of burnt metal. Heath had the day off. Nothing was going to stop us!

The drive was enjoyable. We listened to a mix of stations on Pandora. Comedy segments with the occasional song. Gwen gets tired of the comedians and would rather hear the music. Parker loves the comedy. I would be happier with a few more songs. It really doesn’t feel very mixed. I kept looking at the beautiful scenery and thinking, “I can’t believe we live here!”

Gavin noticed an RV on the freeway. We had this funny little Say What conversation.

Gavin: We should get one of those.
Heath: An RV? We don’t have any place to put it.
Gavin: But we could store it somewhere. I see lots of storage places all the time.
Me: It costs money to store things.
Heath: RV’s are too expensive to have to pay for someone else to store it.
Gavin: We live in America! I thought it was a right.
Me: Sorry, storage is not an American right. You have to pay for it every month.

We stopped at a cute little diner just outside of Anacortes. They served all day breakfast. Heath was the only one who ordered a sandwich. The rest of us ordered some type of breakfast food. Parker justified it by saying he had leftover game day pizza for breakfast and pancakes for lunch!

Considering it was a holiday, our day trip was not very crowded. We had to wait for a parking spot at Deception Pass but we weren’t waiting too long. Parking is $10 a day or $30 for a yearly pass. Heath paid for the annual pass. It’s good for Deception Pass, Fort Casey, and other Washington state parks we would love to visit more than once in a year.


Gwen did not enjoy walking along the top of this bridge! It is a little intimidating. You have cars driving on one side of the rails and a long drop into a cold and imminent death on the other. Of course people will walk both directions so you have to move to one side to let them pass. The walkway is not very wide either. So do you move to the speeding car side or the suicide side? I wasn’t nearly as nervous as Gwen was. I was just cold and happy enough to get off the bridge and on with the hike down to the water.


I love the hike. The scenery is so beautiful it touches my soul. I remember the first time Heath took me here. I walked along the path with wide eyes and probably an open mouth. All I could think was, “This is where the fairies live.” So I made several scrapbook pages where I glued fairies onto the photos I took.


I told Gwen about the fairies. Her imagination ignited and she was all about the fairies after that. She loved finding hollows along the hiking trail where the fairies might live. Once we were down at the water, she would walk across all the logs making up fairy stories. She found their meeting places and playgrounds. The imagination fairies don’t ever die but the queen eventually does and is later replaced. She could not be happier in her own little world.


The boys were all about skipping rocks.


Deception Pass is a very peaceful and reflective place to be.


We had to get this picture. The first time Heath and I went to Deception Pass we sat in this rock hollow while someone took our picture. They didn’t zoom in so we were quite small compared to the massive black rocks.


I like this picture better. You can see the kids better.

Eventually it was time to hike back up to the car. Heath said something about this hike being much easier than the Timpanogas hike we went on a couple months ago. Gavin took that as an invitation to ditch us. I love that he feels he has to prove how young, spry, and in shape he is compared to his parents. I laugh now. At the time I was a little concerned because he didn’t wait for us at the first parking lot. He went all the way to the second where we parked. Why do my kids insist on making me worry?

Finally reunited, we piled into the car for the next leg of our day trip. On to Fort Casey!