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Last night we went to a before school event at Gwen’s school. We were able to find her classroom and meet her teacher.

Gwen is rarely nervous about things. She would have figured out where her classroom was if she had to. I was terrified on her behalf. When they passed out jobs in heaven, I chose worrier. And I am good at my job! Going to the school event helped me feel better. Gwen loved it because she met her teacher and saw that a friend from church is in her class.

It’s kind of a big deal that this friend is in the class because she’s the only third grader at church. There are no third graders that we know of! No third graders on our street. One girl is but she goes to a private school. And no third graders at church except for Savannah. So it’s a big deal that these girls are together. Gwen could not be more thrilled.

The teacher is a first year teacher. Gwen’s kindergarten teacher never said she was a first year teacher but I think she was. She was super enthusiastic and such a fun teacher. Gwen loved her. This teacher also seems young, vibrant, and just as enthusiastic to be teaching in her own classroom for the first time.

Tables were set up in the common area outside. Every table was asking for volunteers for one school project or another. My next door neighbor said it made her feel overwhelmed. I have just learned to say no. Heath did volunteer to teach Junior Achievement to the third graders. Now that he works from home full time and is nowhere near his team, it will be harder for him to do volunteer work with them. This is the perfect opportunity for him to teach (something he loves) a program the bank loves. That will be fun for him.

I don’t know if I want to volunteer this year. Before we even decided to move I told him I was burned out on the reading program I was doing as a parent volunteer. We talked about how I wanted to take a year off from tutoring. He suggested I take an online writing class from BYU. That would be cool and I still may do it.

In the meantime, I may talk to Gwen’s teacher about being a reading volunteer. I could do another reading program. Although I hated the last reading program I trained on. I would rather not volunteer in this way because I’m burned out on lame reading programs, but it is one way I would feel comfortable volunteering my time.

Really what I want to do is come in and read out loud to the class. I love reading to kids. When I student taught for a 6th grade class, Stephanie (my cooperating teacher and later mentor) asked me to read from the novel she started with her class. I had so much fun with it she asked me to do it every day. Ideally that would be my favorite way to volunteer my time in a classroom.

Gwen was able to turn in the school supplies we bought for the class. Last weekend we spent an outrageous amount of money, to the tune of several hundred dollars, on school supplies for our three kids. I always loved the ease and convenience of the fundraiser our last elementary school did. We paid the money to have the supplies in the classroom for the first day of school. Loved it! I learned over time that the students would get the supplies regardless of parents “donating” to the fundraiser. I always did because I liked that fundraiser. It made sense.

It was painful buying supplies to accommodate three separate supply lists. The biggest expense was new backpacks. Gavin’s was thrashed after another school year with no lockers. I love that there are lockers here! Parker and Gwen’s backpacks were a couple years old and in need of being replaced. We chucked all three on the last day of school.

Also last weekend we had our Ward Campout that we were going to make a cameo appearance to. Instead we decided to beat the heat in an air conditioned mall buying new school clothes. The best part of the night was when we walked into Justice to look at clothes for Gwen. She said, “Justice is mine!” That was funny. Seeing her womanly hips in trendy skinny jeans was not that funny. Nor was the bra section that we were able to avoid looking at this time. She is turning into a young lady which is killing her dad.

We learned that we had to order Gavin’s jeans online. He wears a size that is as rare as finding gold in the bottom of a cereal box. He wears 29×32. Heath wears a 32 inseam! Gavin is a tall drink of water.

By Monday all our online orders for Gwen’s boots, and the exact pair of shoes Parker wants, Gavin’s pants, rain jackets for everyone, and a partridge in a pear tree will be delivered. I think we will be finished bleeding money for a new school year at that point. I think.

Gwen is so excited to start school. I’m excited for her. The boys are a little apprehensive but I think they will quickly adjust and enjoy middle school here. Yay for a new school year. Last night we celebrated with an Oreo cookie at the Cookies at the Creek event.