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I am under doctor’s orders to post the following picture. It is quite disturbing, just so you know!


This is earwax from Gavin’s ears. It was removed today at the end of his sports physical. The nurse was quite impressed. She said things like “You have a lot of prehistoric stuff in your ear!” I told her she would need to weigh Gavin again after she removed all the earwax. She couldn’t believe how much was coming out of one side. When she got to the other side she told me he was giving birth from his ears!

Honestly, I was bothered by the earwax coming out. It’s just gross. The doctor came back in to see if daylight was showing all through Gavin’s head after the cleaning. He told me I should take a picture for my social media sites. I was trying not to dry heave when the nurse was removing the dinosaurs. At the same time, I knew the doctor was right. It was an impressive amount of yuck and I may as well spread the nausea. You’re welcome!

It has been kind of fun taking the boys in to the doctor. I love the receptionists and the nurse and the doctor. It’s a great family clinic. I’m so glad that angel on the phone was able to connect me with them. After Gavin’s appointment I got Gwen into the system. She won’t need to be seen until after her birthday. Heath needs to add his name as well.

Gwen was a green eyed jealous monster though. Parker came home with a pad of paper and Gavin came home with a stuffed monkey. She wanted a toy too! She doesn’t seem to get that Parker has seen a doctor twice in one month. The second time he got three shots that left his arms sore and aching. Gavin has seen a doctor twice this year just for permission to keep doing what he loves – running. She has seen a doctor once. It’s just unfortunate that all she got out of the deal was stickers.

The nurse really loved Gavin. She liked Parker too. By the time Gavin came in she was in love with my children. She was cracking up with his responses to the health questions. She just really hit it off with him. It was a fun appointment.

Gavin was cleared to continue to run. Like me, the doctor can’t understand people who run. He said he can ride his bike all day but he hates running. He thinks it’s because you can’t coast and take a break when you run. Very true.

Gavin is 5’7 1/2″ and 110 lbs. A whole inch and a half taller than me! I knew he was taller. I just had no idea he was that much taller! Heath says we should stop feeding him. “He can’t get taller than me!” he said. He probably will. Garrett is taller than Heath. Garrett and Gavin look so much alike it’s crazy.

The doctor said that Gavin is in the 97th percentile for height and the 65th percentile for weight. He is a tall, slim drink of water. The doctor could only assume this is normal growth for Gavin. It is. He takes after his dad. We just keep telling Gavin to enjoy these years when he can eat anything and not gain weight. His metabolism will catch up.

I have turned in Gwen’s registration packet. That was a pain in the neck to fill out by hand! I also filled out one last form. The California DMV wants a change of address form from both Heath and me in order to give us our car titles. I have signed my name so many times in the last few days I could scream. I have filled out so many immunization forms I know the abbreviations as well as any nurse.

Tomorrow I am not touching one more pen. I will not sign my name. I will not drive. Heath keeps telling me that all this craziness will end soon. We have to deal with it because it means we bought a house! Tomorrow I will enjoy this house since I feel like I haven’t even seen it in the last two days. My kids are healthy and pumped full of required drugs. They are now enrolled in school. I may just take a bath tomorrow because I can!