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When I was the Primary secretary I learned that my job was to organize the same information several different ways. This person needs information on boys ages 8-12 while this person wants the same information but only for the girls ages 8-12. This person needs information on children ages 18 months to 3 years. A small number needed information on all children ages 18 months to 12 years.

This is life. Schools operate this way as do medical offices. What bugs me is that I have to fill out form after redundant form rearranging the same information one of a hundred ways (often on the same page) for someone else. As a Primary secretary I willingly rearranged information as needed for people. I was the keeper of the information. That was my job. Why can’t school secretaries and medical receptionists do the same?

Heath was nice enough to fill out school forms for the boys on his computer. I signed everything. We joked about the idiocy of the system. The health nurse wants to know a list of information so she gets her own form. The school needs a master copy of the same information so they get what feels like several forms. Can I type it all once and everyone copies and pastes from there?

I turned in some paperwork to the doctor’s office in person this morning. They wanted to request my medical records from my previous doctor. I liked turning it in in person so I could schedule an appointment for Parker to get his immunizations. I feel bad for the kid. I took all the kids in to the pediatrician before we left. Well not Gavin because it hadn’t been a year yet since he was last seen. Parker couldn’t get his immunizations though because he wasn’t 11 yet. There are a couple shots he needs in order to go to middle school.

They fit him in today. After the appointment I went back to the front desk to ask for a sports physical for Gavin. I debated over how to do this. In the end it seemed easier to just start over with a doctor here rather than try to get his last doctor to mail us the signed forms. Gavin’s appointment is tomorrow morning.

The first receptionist that helped me was teasing the other receptionist because she refused to copy and paste information. I was put into the system last week as a new patient. Parker was put in as a new patient this morning and was seen this afternoon. Gavin was put in the slow way because that receptionist liked doing it all by hand. It didn’t bother me how she chose to put Gavin into the system.

Then she handed me another packet of forms to be filled out for Gavin’s appointment tomorrow. “More paperwork for Mom!” she said. I agreed with that first receptionist. Can’t I just copy and paste? I have filled this out already. The only difference is the patient name and the birthdate. Oh well. I will give the lawyers what they want. These are the hoops we jump through to get what we need. Between school forms and medical forms I have had it with paperwork. I will work on it tonight after I have taken a break.

I am in the office typing this at my desk. That right there is a happy thing. I have had this ability for a few days but just haven’t made the switch yet. My desk is a mess. Too much paperwork. But it is so much easier to type here. I am in my happy place!

Registering the boys for school was easy. I turned in all the paperwork filled out over the weekend. The secretary made a copy of my proof of residency. It was one of the myriad of papers to do with the sale of our home. That was acceptable. One proof of residency is all that is required here. If they wanted a second I would have shown my temporary driver license that I got on Saturday. It also has my home address. More proof that we live in the house we bought!

The counselors will put together the boys’ schedules and if all goes well, they will have their schedules by the end of the month when they go back for Orientation. I saw online that there are Orientation dates. I thought that would be a great time for the boys to learn their way around. I learned today that Orientation is a weird way of saying Registration. What they do on their Orientation day is what we know as Walk Thru Registration. Now I know the words used here.

The secretary told me I can purchase needed items online. This will allow me to skip the line that day giving the boys more time to find their way around the school. We will be doing that. Last Friday I was supposed to pick up Gwen’s registration packet. Instead I got lost on the way home from Jetty Island. So we went to the elementary school today to get the packet.

I will fill it out and turn it in tomorrow. I don’t care that I have time today. Two times to the doctor’s office in one day plus one trip to each school is plenty for one day. Gwen’s registration is easy enough. Just more paperwork with all the same information that I filled out for her boys. The hard part will be doing it by hand. At least the middle school had their forms online.

Gavin will go to the doctor in the morning. We’ll come home in time for lunch. After lunch I will take Gwen with me to the school and maybe she can walk around. Or at least we can find out when she will be assigned a class and I can help her find it before the first day. They are all taking the bus to school. I will never have to make multiple daily trips to schools again! That will be a beautiful thing. I’m so glad because it’s not easy to get out of Gwen’s school. I can’t turn left out of the parking lot. So I have to go the opposite way for a bit before I can turn around to get home.

We still love it here. The weather has been hot which makes it feel like we never left California. Temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s here feel like 100’s in California. It’s a humidity thing. We’re working on an air conditioning deal so next summer will be more comfortable.

The house is still so awesome. Every day we can’t believe we live here! It’s a great house and a great community. We love our neighborhood. The people at church are great. Heath and I subbed in Gavin’s class on Sunday. That was fun. Three out of the four weeks we have gone to church here we have substituted! How crazy is that! It’s okay. We love teaching.