Our Primary had their annual summer activity this morning. It was Scripture Olympics. They had cute handouts with the Olympic rings for the kids to invite their friends. Gwen invited two of her friends but neither one could make it. I told her the important part was that she tried.

I had to wake up Gwen and Parker this morning. Gwen was easier to wake up. All I had to do was tell her we were leaving for the Primary activity in one hour. Parker was another story. He acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about. The activity has been heavily advertised since we started attending this ward. I know they talked about it in Primary on Sunday because Heath and I were subbing again. This time we stayed for Sharing Time. The week before we went to the special fifth Sunday lesson directed by the Bishop.

Parker stormed around the kitchen getting his breakfast ready. I couldn’t understand what his problem was. I tried telling him his friends would be at the activity. He still didn’t want to go. Heath talked to him and promised a surprise if he didn’t have fun.


I hung around for moral support until they were ready to start. I had to take this picture. You can see the church building at the bottom and it’s obviously a parking lot. But can you believe the trees? I love the trees here. This is why I wanted to move to the Northwest. Between the trees and how green everything is, Washington is gorgeous! Sometimes I can’t believe I live here.

Barry rode shotgun two weeks ago. Heath was driving his car and I was following behind in Velma. We were driving from his parents house to our new house. Since I don’t do freeways unless I absolutely have to, we were driving along a highway that seemed to run through the middle of the forest. There were so many trees. The freeways are pretty too. You usually can’t see the other side because of the forests in the median.

Barry commented on the trees. I told him that I love how everything is tucked behind the trees. You typically don’t see buildings and rarely do you see a house from the street. It looks so neat and tidy to me. I really love it here!

Back to the Primary activity. Gwen joined the group of kids drawing with sidewalk chalk. Parker stood next to me. He said there were two kids from his class there but he never made a move to say hi. The one kid he wanted to show up didn’t ever come. I was hoping to see the mom since she invited us to Jetty Island with them on Friday. She said she would text me or email me and I haven’t seen anything yet.

The sidewalk chalk kids started out as a small group of young kids. Older girls started to join. I don’t know who came up with the idea but soon we noticed that they had drawn long lines from the curb out to almost the back of the parking lot. They were running races along the lines. Gwen was running too. One of the Primary leaders pointed out that they had come up with their own game. I said that they didn’t need to plan as much!

Eventually they were ready to start. The kids were grouped into four groups. I just told Parker that I wanted him to help the little kids in his group have fun. If he could do that then he would have fun. He agreed.

I had this conversation with Gavin.
Me: Parker isn’t very happy with me.
Gavin: Why not?
Me: Because I made him go to the Primary activity when he didn’t want to. I told him his friends would be there and they aren’t.
Gavin: Well, Eleven year old boys don’t like going to Primary activities, Mom.
Me: I’m starting to notice that!

When I came back Parker admitted he had fun. “Don’t tell Dad! I want to see what the surprise is!” Gwen was licking a blue popsicle with one hand and holding a red balloon creation in the other. She obviously had had fun too.


This is most of the kids posing in front of Goliath.

The four activities were:

One: using a slingshot to shoot marshmallows at Goliath.
Two: something about the sword of truth cutting through marshmallows.
Three: throwing balloons at Samuel the Lamanite standing on the wall. Samuel had visited the Primary on Sunday and was there again for the activity.
Four: a tug of war with Moses to part the Red Sea.

Parker said his team won the tug of war and he got a girl his age all wet when she fell into the kiddie pool! He said that when they have tug of war activities in Primary no one teaches any strategy. He learned a lot of great techniques from his PE teacher and apparently they worked really well.

Everyone earned a medal. Gwen and Parker were happy to learn that the medals were chocolate. After Gwen ate hers she was sad because I didn’t want her saving the wrapper. I know. I’m such a killjoy.

It was a really cute activity. I may not make Parker go to anymore though. Gavin is right. The older boys don’t like going to Primary activities.