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The parade of boxes seems to be diminishing. I think. Sometimes I think they are reproducing. We have already recycled 54 boxes. I hope by this Friday we can be recycling the rest.

Heath wanted me to organize my desk today after my visit with the Relief Society presidency. The visit was nice and I now have contact info for a hairdresser. That is very important since my silver roots are showing! She was trained by Gene Juarez and used to work there. That is a very posh salon that Heath used to go to back in his single days. Her prices are comparable to what I paid Melanie. Now I just need to find time to book an appointment.

The next item on my to-do list today was to find a doctor. This is the part of moving that always makes me nervous. How do you go about finding doctors and how do you know if they are good? When we moved to CA I was so nervous about finding pediatricians for the boys. I knew I needed a doctor as well. The first doctor I found was an OB/GYN because I realized I was over a month along in my pregnancy. Surprise!

I don’t even know who I called. I think I called the number on the back of my insurance card and told the lady I have Type 1 diabetes and I was pregnant. I needed a perinatologist. She told me that in my area I would have to be referred to one. She hooked me up with a regular doctor who can handle high risk pregnancies. The only time I had to see a perinatologist was when I went to another hospital for ultrasounds and other extra monitoring.

The best part about seeing Dr. Carlson was she was at the hospital almost in my backyard. Pediatrics was across the hall. My endocrinologist was not at the hospital but he was also quite close. When he left a Mini Med rep called and hooked me up with an endocrinologist a short 10 minute freeway drive away. It was easy. After a couple years we switched to Kaiser where all you have to do is give your member ID number and they give you whatever you want. Plus, the office was just on the other side of town.

This time around was not easy. Heath looked online for a doctor. I told him that I wanted an internal medicine doctor if I could get away with it. I hated the endocrinologists in CA. I always loved my internal medicine doctor in UT and I really really miss him. Heath found a woman who practices internal medicine at a clinic nearby.

When I called the number I was told that there was only one doctor who could help me with my diabetes and he was not accepting new patients. I asked about the woman I found online. The answer? She had left the practice a year ago and moved to Florida. What! Update the website! I was annoyed.

So I called the number on the back of my insurance card hoping someone could just find a doctor for me so I wouldn’t have to make a fool of myself again with outdated information. The girl I talked to was not very helpful. She emailed me a list of doctors. I picked one and realized there were like six doctors all with the same phone number. Surely one of them could see me.

Nope. The earliest I could be seen as a walk in patient was October 31. See the problem is I need to order more pump supplies within a week or two. Since we had to change insurance when we moved I probably need a new prescription. Yay. The receptionist suggested I call an endocrinologist and gave me a phone number.

I introduced myself to the woman who answered. She said, “I already talked to you. We only have one doctor here and he is not accepting new patients.” Tell me I didn’t want to swear! Instead I apologized profusely saying someone else had given me that number. Her voice thawed but I still felt stupid.

Near the bottom of the emailed list of doctors, who supposedly fit my needs, was a different phone number. I crossed my fingers and called. The lady there said I didn’t even call a doctor’s office. She tried to explain it and I have no idea what she was talking about. She said something about no one there could even prescribe anything. I had moved from wanting to swear to wanting to cry. My mind was quickly working on the next solution. I thought I could just call Mini Med and explain the situation. My original prescription from Kaiser should still be good. Just give me the pump supplies and no one gets hurt!

The lady on the phone rallied. For whatever reason she didn’t end the call with me left alone and cold in the world to fend for myself. She asked if she could help me find a doctor. Yes please! I was on the phone with her for close to 30 minutes. She first took down my information and proceeded to look for doctors in my area.

“Are you close to this city?” I recognized the city name but really didn’t want to go there. I wasn’t sure how far out it was but I knew it was closer to Seattle than me. I just told her it was close to a city that was kind of close to me. “Are you close to that city?” That one I didn’t recognize at all.

Heath got on another conference call so I went into another room. I told the lady I was very close to two different cities. One she had asked about is literally across the street from me. And that is where she found me a doctor. He is at a family practice clinic less than three miles from me! No joke! It’s not what you know, but who you know. I had finally found my inside woman who was willing to help me do what I couldn’t manage to do for myself.

Not only did she find the doctor but she set up the appointment for me. Tomorrow at 1:30. I still feel stunned. At this point I don’t care if I like this guy. I do care that he will see how out of control my blood sugars are but that was inevitable. Really, all I want is the ability to order more pump supplies. I have 16 infusion sets left. The clock is ticking. I was hoping to get more than one extra box with my new pump. At least I got that one extra box though. It got me through the move. The timing of my pump supplies didn’t work out as well as the timing on all my other prescriptions.

I rewarded myself with a Diet Coke and started organizing the office. It looks much better. We’re not finished yet but my chair is unwrapped. Heath started working on my wide width monitor. Maybe by tomorrow I can sit at my desk blogging the way I like to. I did find my mouse today which helps when I have to use my Surface like a laptop!