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“She is going to be your ambassador. She will open doors for everyone.”

I have to laugh at how true these statements have become. Our Little Miss is no longer little. She is on a mission to befriend the world.

The first night we got here we changed our evening plans so Gwen could go to Activity Days with Grandma. Her big Disney princess eyes grew in size as she explained, “It’s a good opportunity for me to make friends.” Why yes it is. Friends with girls you will never see again because they are in Grandma’s ward. That was the only weird part about it. Gwen had a blast.

Where we came from, Activity Days wrapped up with the end of school. Cub Scouts was the same way. Most activities came to a screeching halt in the summer resuming again a week or two after school started back up. I don’t know that I have ever known any church activity leadership positions to have a scheduled break like that. Then again, I have never before lived in a place where the entire city empties every summer. You can set your clock by it.

Tuesday morning Heath missed a phone call. The message was from a lady saying that there was an Activity Day Camp and Gwen was invited. The camp was Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-3 at the Stake Center. The girls needed a sack lunch.

It was up to me whether or not Gwen could go. I had to drive her there since Heath had conference calls all day. I didn’t even feel nervous. I just knew I couldn’t live with myself if I let my fears stand in the way of her making friends with girls in the stake. So I got my bearings by looking at a map and I listened to Gina GPS’s instructions. With the late notice, I got Gwen there about two hours late.

We made it a family affair to pick up Gwen that afternoon. Costco was on the way home. Even though it is very close to where we live I am not interested in going there on my own anytime soon. It’s still Costco! For as much fun as Gwen had, she kept obsessing over the time. She wanted to get home to play with a friend in our neighborhood.

On Monday Gwen came home and asked if she could play at Victoria’s house.
Gwen: Her parents know about it!
Me: Which one is Victoria?
Gwen: She lives by the mailboxes.
Me: In which house? How will I know where to find you?
Gwen: I don’t remember but her parents know about it. Can I go?

I looked at the clock. We were planning on leaving in about 30 minutes for Melina’s birthday party. I told Gwen she would have to play with Victoria another time. And maybe she better figure out the house number! Gwen scootered up the street to deliver the message to Victoria. Apparently they came up with some plan to play on Tuesday. Gwen was invited to show up at Victoria’s house after 1:00. The day camp messed up the plans a little bit.

Gwen could not wait to get outside to play after Costco! We made her wait to have dinner first. You would think we had cut off her oxygen supply. She was sure she was missing out on something.

Heath took Gavin to Scouts and Gwen seemed content inside. At 8:30 pm she heard kids playing outside. She looked out the window to confirm what she heard. I became the Wicked Witch of the West again when I told her it was too late to go out to play. Heath and Gavin got home about that point and Heath agreed with me. It was a timing issue. If she had asked to go out after dinner I would have been fine with it. But asking to go out half an hour before I wanted kids to get ready for bed pushed my buttons.

The Activity Day Camp was fun for Gwen. She was excited to go again on Wednesday but she was worried about what she might miss in the neighborhood. I worry about that girl. Already she has that disorder where she can hardly do anything for fear of missing out on something else!

A performance was planned for Wednesday afternoon at 3:00. Heath thought he could make it but ended up on the phone again when I needed to leave. I represented our family.


The performance was fun. Gwen is the third girl from the left. The girls had been learning about Asian culture for two days. They did a Japanese dance and sang a song from Korea. They also sang a sweet song about how we are all connected in the world and how Heavenly Father and Jesus love all of us.

The lady in charge was in tears after the last song. She said she hoped the girls felt the Spirit as they had fun at camp. I think they did. The lady had started the performance by giving gifts to everyone involved. Several Young Women had also helped throughout the two days. I thought that was really cool. You could see the younger girls looking up to the Young Women.

Activity Days is a fairly new thing for me. I went to Merry Miss activities as I was about to age out of Primary. I imagine Activity Days is to help the girls understand that they are daughters of God. That concept continues when they enter the Young Women’s program. I looked at those Young Women who helped and I think what a unique way to serve. They volunteered their time and learned firsthand what a difference they can make. I was impressed with the camp.

I know it was a meaningful experience for Gwen. There is a Primary activity next week. My little ambassador will probably invite neighborhood girls. I love how easily she makes friends. I hope she can be a good leader and not bow to every whim of the masses. She puts a lot of stock into what others think of her.

I look at Gwen and Parker and their unique social gifts. The untapped potential to be a positive influence on the world is mind blowing. They will open doors. They will make the world a better place. One friend at a time. I have no doubt.