People have been wanting to see pictures of the house for some time. I was desperate to see pictures too before we were able to see the house in person. Dawn took pictures but I couldn’t really visualize the space. The sales rep sent pictures and I still couldn’t really tell what the house looked like. I think having things in the space helps give it context.

Every time I walked through the empty house was a surreal experience. It always felt like it would be a lovely place to live. It just never felt like it was mine until the trailer arrived and we started moving our stuff in.

The rooms fluctuate between being chaotic to somewhat organized and back to chaos again. The boxes seem to be multiplying because for as much as the empty box stack grows, there are still more boxes to empty. For all the messiness I still decided to take pictures. I figure when we finally have the place under control we can do a video tour. That is, after all, how we fell in love with the house long distance. We liked the floor plan provided online and we obsessed over YouTube video tours of the DR Horton Legacy floor plan.

Think of the popular song by Flo Rida, “My House.” Welcome to my house, it is really messy, play the music so loud, just watch out for the boxes!
Or something like that.


Nice curb appeal. By the way, since this was the last house built on the street we were given the hose and sprinkler. Sweet! It’s a two car garage which is a bit of an adjustment after being used to a three car garage. But there is a lot more storage space inside so the garage isn’t as critical here as it was in CA. My concern is whether or not we can actually get both cars inside at the same time. It will be a tight squeeze.


This is the front door with the new mat we bought. The door is really pretty and I like the glass. The swirling they did in the glass isn’t swirly enough. I imagine the idea is to obscure the view inside. Except it leaves little to the imagination at night! We will be getting some privacy film soon.


Here is the view from the front door. The popular thing now is to have perfect sight lines from the front of the house to the back. Heath wants to have a pizza oven in the backyard as part of our paver paradise. He wants it straight back in line with this view from the front door. Kind of a welcome to the party vibe.


I found his pizza oven! It should be durable and affordable since it’s plastic. I wonder if the Everett Children’s Museum will sell it to us?


This is the living room. Yes, I am sharing my chairs. I couldn’t make them work in the bedroom and since I had given away my living room furniture I decided to try them down there. The living room is cozy so I don’t want big, bulky furniture anyway. I think my wingback chairs will be a great beginning for something wonderful in there. Until then company can sit on stacks of boxes.


This closet is one of my favorite features of the home. It’s another under the stairs closet like what we had before. Only this one has space to hang coats. It’s a real coat closet! I get that California is known for its wonderful warm weather but it does get cool enough to need a jacket in the winter! We put up hooks on the wall by the laundry room/mud room. I love that we have a place to shut the door on coats and jackets while having them conveniently located.


Dawn likes to call the coat closet a Harry Potter closet because it’s big enough for a child to live in. It goes back behind the coats for great storage and then turns a corner and there is still more space for storage. He put in the shelves we used to use in our garage. They are shorter of course but he managed to fit three in there. Two are stacked deep around the corner on the left. I put all my holiday decorations on those shelves with room to spare.


Next to the closet is the dining room. The high windows let in natural light while providing privacy. We negotiated blinds being installed but never expected the small high windows to be covered. The only window that wasn’t covered was the big one in front of the stairs. There was some weird explanation as to why that window was left alone. It’s a west window that lets in a lot of heat so we will be covering that with some sort of film soon. I hope we can find something that allows us to still see out because the view is pretty.


This is Gavin’s bathroom. He likes to think he doesn’t have to share. He has a bunch of rules and everything! I am impressed with how well he is taking care of the shower. He wipes down the glass every day. I need to get him a basket to keep his toiletries in under the sink. I have one I just haven’t found it yet.


Gavin’s room.


I took a couple pictures of the kitchen and decided this one shows enough of the kitchen. I love the color of the cabinets and the granite they chose. We came too late to the party to choose any finishes. I really like the center island too. It’s much more functional than the peninsulas we had in our last two houses.

I wish the countertop came out for a breakfast bar. We could have chosen an island like that but it would have had an electric cooktop in the island and I thought that was stupid. Plus, Heath really wanted the gas range. So our plan is to get a counter height table with stools to extend the space and combine the eat in kitchen into one.

The refrigerator is ours. We bought it when we moved into our last house. The landlord didn’t want to buy it from us so we’re hoping we get our safety deposit back. That will be our budget for a new fridge. There is nothing wrong with our fridge. It’s quite nice. We just want to have the water in the door feature. We could have negotiated a new fridge with the house but we didn’t like what they had to offer. I kind of wish we had tried for a new washer and dryer only because it was a nightmare for the guys to carry those monsters upstairs.


More chaos. This is our family room. We finally got the TV working this morning so we could see channels. We have been watching Netflix only the last two days while we waited for a Comcast guy to be able to come back and fix the problem.

Behind the folding chair in the middle of the room is a gas fireplace. There probably are hardly any spare the air days here that would prevent use of a wood burning fireplace. I have always dreamed of a gas fireplace because they are easier and cleaner. Flip a switch and you have instant heat. Turn it off when you’re done. Supposedly this fireplace will heat the house if we need it to. We also learned how to turn it on if the power is out. Good to know.