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This is how I’m getting through this move. Normally I don’t buy my Diet Coke a liter at a time. The gas station didn’t have any smaller bottles. They had smaller Diet Pepsi bottles but that is not the same. Maybe we need to worry that I downed my liter in 90 minutes. True story.

The kids were told they could choose a drink or candy. The boys chose candy while Gwen was excited about some Gwenny sized orange soda. We planned on getting to our hotel as quickly as possible. Gwen needed a rest stop first. She was about to burst. I had just put away a full liter of caffeinated soda and felt fine. I can hold my water. Gwen was dying!

We stopped at the first rest stop we could find after she announced her emergency. When we were back on the road again is when I saw that she hadn’t even finished her drink! She hadn’t even had half of it! That girl has the bladder capacity of a thimble.

Chris came to visit on Monday. She came with two large Diet Cokes from Burger King. I showed up a little later because I was buying some last minute stuff from Home Depot, including Diet Coke! I love Chris. I love so much that she brought us the magic elixir that is helping us get through this move. Carla came to visit at the same time. She didn’t quite understand the importance of the Diet Coke. Chris said that we would visit teach together and then get Diet Cokes. It’s nice to have a partner in crime.

Yesterday was a long day. We got up early so I could not only shower, but do hair and makeup. The plan was to visit some friends in Oregon and get to our house by 3:00 for a walk thru. Seeing the house for the first time was really great. It was also a little overwhelming. So much to see and so many people talking at once. I had sensory overload.

Heath bought us some caffeine free Diet Coke when we went to Fred Meyer last night to buy Parker some pajama shorts. I was melting down a little. Well, kind of a lot. Gavin couldn’t find his phone. The boys were going to sleep outside in the tent trailer so Parker really needed at least a pair of shorts to wear to bed. We were on vacation while not really being on vacation. It was the end of a long day.

Heath bought me a pair of pajama shorts because mine were getting old. They had melted crayon stains and always felt like I was wearing them backwards! So he bought me a pair with Darth Vader saying “Call me the Boss”. Parker really wanted me to get them because he is obsessed with Star Wars right now. I just think Heath spoils me.

Heath worked from his parents’ back deck today. When he finished for the day we escaped to a local grocery store for some Diet Coke. He bought a six pack of bottles for the fridge and some cold ones for the drive home.

Tomorrow we will sign our names until we get carpal tunnel. Just a few more days. It’s like Christmas. We know exactly what we’re getting but we can’t play with any of it yet! In the meantime I am guzzling gallons of Diet Coke. It’s how I’m getting through it all. I credit my “sanity” to all the happy juice.